How to Make a College Brochure in Publisher

Just like school flyers, school leaflets, and school posters, school brochures help promote a specific educational institution. It is an advertising strategy that has been made known for so long. In fact, it is one of the traditional forms of marketing strategy that has been passed down by previous generations. Despite its old method, it is still the most practical way of promoting certain goods and service. A more specific type of school brochure is the college brochure. College brochures help advertise any particular college institution and university. In a modern generation, brochures are expected to decrease its effectivity; however, it's still as powerful. College institutions still use brochures to spread information to the target audiences. So here are the steps in making a college brochure.

1. Gather Information

Before anything else, gather significant information of the college. You have to know what drives the students to make them apply college admission to the college that you are promoting. Know your target audience through the offers of your college. It is essential to know what the college offers so that you can know the kind of people that you should give the college brochures. If the school offers an engineering degree, it is expected to focus on those students who are interested in engineering as the target audience. If the college offers education, the target audiences are those who are interested in pursuing education.

2. Plot the Content

After gathering necessary information, outline that gathered information and you should decide which must be included in the brochure. Before proceeding to the design, prioritize the content first. The content must give all the relevant information that concerns the college experience of the student. The information includes the courses and degrees offered, the location of the college campus, the prospective students, the vision and mission, and more. College brochures can also promote specific college events, so the content must also be about the event.

3. Visualize the Design

After planning the content, it's time to plan the designs. You can always refer to online sites like the Pinterest for brochure design ideas and samples, but you can still make your very own designs. What you need to consider in thinking about the designs are the colors and the images. Colors have significant meanings for schools. They serve as a representation and symbol of the institution, so it is essential to incorporate it to the brochure. That gives them an idea of the school that you are promoting. The next designs to consider are the images. The images can be the college campus or any other proper picture that signifies a peaceful school to pique their feeling of security and comfort.

4. Actualize Everything

For actualization, open MS Publisher and start resizing the blank canvas. The typical sizes of a standard brochure are 8.5 in × 11 in, 8.5 in × 14 in, 11 in × 17 in and 11 in × 25.5 inches. Decide which type of brochure you want to make. The common types are the bifold brochure and trifold brochure. After tending the layout, design the brochure. Be creative. Put the planned design into the canvas. Put the branding colors of the college as the main color scheme of the brochure to indicate the college. Then, insert the images. It is more appropriate to show a picture of the campus itself so that the potential college students can envision their life inside the campus.

After designing, insert the texts. Insert the name of the college and make it eye-catching. Use a prominent font to make it more impactful. Then, the location and other necessary details that are relevant to raise the interest of the target audience.

5. Save and Print

Finalize the college brochure. Recheck for unwanted errors and pixelated designs. Afterward, save and print!

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