How to Create a Creative Brochure in Microsoft Publisher

A creative brochure is an informative document that is being used for advertising products and services that is folded into a pamphlet or a leaflet. It is a promotional tool that is primarily used by companies and organizations to inform the target audiences and the members of the public about the benefits. They are usually distributed personally, displayed in brochure racks in the establishments or distributed inside the newspapers or magazines. To give an example, creative brochures are used in most hotels, used by hospitals to give medical information, and used by some companies to promote their new products and services.

A creative brochure has to be interesting and unique to get the attention of the audiences. Like any other professional graphic designers, they tend to use Microsoft Publisher to create a brochure. You can simply use this application and you can now create a creative brochure on your own. For you to be guided, we have provided you some directions on how to create an effective creative brochure.

1. Pick One of the Creative Brochure Templates Online

For the first step, you are tasked to pick one of the creative brochure templates that you can find online. There are a lot of fully designed brochure templates that are readily made for essential people like you. As you noticed, we also provided some templates above to make things easier for you. Depending on your purpose, you can choose one of our variety of brochure templates such as travel brochures, sports brochures, and other creative brochures that you can find above. Take the time that you need in picking a creative brochure template.

2. Modify the Graphic Elements

If you are able to pick one, open the template in Microsoft Publisher and modify the necessary graphic elements that you want to omit, include, and replace. Incorporate creative layouts, beautiful images, fonts styles, vectors, and more. You should also consider your folding whether you'll be having a tri-fold brochure or a bi-fold brochure. Do not congest your brochure with too many designs to keep the formality.

3. Incorporate Salient Information

Based on your main purpose or objective, incorporate the salient information in your brochure. Take for example if you are aiming to make a food brochure, you have to make sure that the contents are related to food as well. From the designs to the information, your content must be consistently connected to each other.

4. Evaluate Your Brochure Before Printing

For this step, you must evaluate your brochure first before producing some printed copies. The audiences must be given exemplary design and information and in order to do that, you must evaluate your own brochure. Make sure to catch any remaining typographical errors and punctuation mistakes. Ensure that you have completely included all of the necessary information that you want to convey to your audiences. Also, your designs must not overwhelm the information. Always remember that your brochure is reflecting your own business's brand or organization.

5. Produce Printed Copies

If you think your brochure is already a printable design, then you have to prepare the following printing materials. The printing materials include the paper stock and the printer. Set up your printer and test your brochure design. If the printing is successful, produce a specific number of printed copies for you to distribute to the target audiences.

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