Tri-fold brochures offer you logical sections where you can provide essential information in the most professional manner, about the products and services that you have to offer. If you're having a hard time designing a comprehensive tri-fold brochure template,  we have a wide selection of brochure templates that you can edit in Adobe Photoshop. Our tri-fold templates offer well-designed layouts that will allow you to strategically highlight all the important details regarding your promotion along with corresponding images. You can also easily add your brand name, logo, contact information, etc. through our template's easy-to-edit features. Download our brochure templates in psd files today!

What is a Tri-fold Brochure Template in Adobe Photoshop?

A tri-fold brochure is a promotional brochure-type which comes in three sections. Its page layout gives enough space for content and images. When saved, it contains a file extension name of .psd.

How to Make a Tri-fold Brochure Template in Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop features a wide variety if tri-fold brochure templates which are all readily available for download and editing. While making a tri-fold brochure sounds like an easy task, crafting an effective one takes more then just it's design elements. Here's how to make a brochure template psd.

1. Pick the Right Printing Material

The most perfect printing material used for printing brochures would be treated paper. These type of papers are made to give the surface either matte or shiny look. Photos would look good on shiny coated paper finish and matte will make your brochure template look classic and professional. Use cardstock to with medium paperweight to have a sturdier brochure.

2. Research your Content

An effective pamphlet template has comprehensive and well-researched content. Don't just mindlessly throw in details in your sample brochure pages in attempts to make it informative. Do your research about your company or event, the product, the services you are promoting, and the updated contact information. You can include maybe a piece of your company's background or your vision-mission to build a good impression on your customers.

3. Make a Striking Cover Page

The cover page of your pamphlet is surely the first thing that a customer will see. Make a good first impression by making it the best one. Use high-quality photos with high-definition colors in order to please the sense of sight. You can also come up with an eye-catching headline that will spike up the interest of the reader. Tie it up to a benefit or to something exclusive so that customers will be more curious.

4. Use High-Quality Photos

To make the pages come to life, add images that are relevant to the product or to the service that you are promoting. Use professionally-shot photos to be able to set realistic expectations to the customer. This one must be applied most especially on product brochures. If you are trying to promote your services, use photos with more depth or are caught in action.

5. Use Strategic Layout Techniques to Organize Information

Make use of white spaces in order to separate texts from designs. These white spaces are necessary to create more order and to make the texts pop out from the background. Another strategy is to make use of boxes in order to categorize your content altogether. These strategies complement your design elements too so it's a win-win.

6. Use Royalty-Free Designs

In using designs, choose the ones that are royalty-free. These design vectors should be grouped and scalable and must retain their quality when scaled to a bigger or smaller size. Use designs that are relevant to the purpose of the tri-fold brochure. Always remember however to keep your simple brochure look professional at all times.

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