What Is a Membership Card?

A membership card is an identification card or identity card given by a club, company, or an institution to grant easy access, offer rights and titles, and track activities of the member. When you are issued with a membership card, you are automatically granted the privilege of VIP and premium members that have proven their loyalty to the institution. You can use your membership cards in establishments such as gyms, hotels, restaurants, spas, cafes, libraries, and more as long as the company allows it.

How to Create an Editable Membership Card in Apple Pages

Membership cards are tokens of appreciation that an organization or business gives to customers who have proven their loyalty to their brand, products, or services. It is a form of gratitude by making the customers feel more valued. To help you show your appreciation to your customers, let’s take a look at some tips to create a membership card in Apple Pages.

1. Create Some Rough Drafts

It’s important to remember that before you start making your simple cards, you need to decide how you want it to look. So what you need to do is create a few rough drafts to give you some options. Five drafts should be fine. When making the rough draft, consider the elements you’ll be putting into your card design. Focus on the layout of the card here.

2. Plan the Quality of Your Card

One other thing you need to consider before making the card itself is the format. Will it be a plastic card or will it be on a special quality paper? Restaurant and library cards often use high-quality papers whereas clubs, gyms, and hotel cards tend to use plastic.

3. Making the Design of the Card

With your layout finalized, the next thing you can do is start working on the design itself. Consider the colors you’ll be using. For establishments like a gym, spa, or restaurant, the card has to use the company colors for consistency. Hotels and exclusive establishments use a standard combination of black and gold. As for the design itself, you can use either stock images or your own photographs. It’s usually better to use the latter. An alternative to using images would be creating vector shapes. This is what many companies have been using as of late. Another simple solution would be to leave the card blank with only the VIP logo in front.

4. Adding Information of the Company and Member

You need to include details of your company or organization to indicate who granted the membership as well as the complete address and their contact details. Then you’ll have to include information of the member such as their contact information, address, and signature to show as proof of their ownership.

5. Deciding the Validity, Expiration, Terms, and Conditions

A membership card isn’t going to last a lifetime, unless it’s indicated. So you need to decide on the duration of the membership as well as the benefits that the card can offer. To let the owner know the benefits and where the card can be used, you should also include the terms and conditions. It’ll help them get an idea of the scope and limitations of their membership.

5. Format and Printing

The biggest advantage of Apple Pages is that it’s available for both Mac and Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad. So once you save it using your Apple ID, you can open it on any of the three devices. Review your template and change any error, whether it’s in the design or the content, and your card will be ready for printing.

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