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How To Create A Membership Card In Adobe Photoshop

A membership card is an identification card or identity card given by a club, company, or an institution to grant easy access, offers rights and privileges, and tracks the overall internal activities of its member. If you are given a membership card, it means you are one of the privileged members that have outstanding membership to that institution. You can use your membership card in any affiliated establishment like a gym, hotel, restaurant, spa, cafe, library, and others as long as the company allows it. You can make your membership card with the help of our templates and the provided steps below:

1. Use Adobe Photoshop

Using Adobe Photoshop in editing your membership card will be convenient because of the easy to navigate buttons that the software has. It is user-friendly, so it's easy for you to familiarize the keyboard shortcuts so editing will be more comfortable. Also, the software will allow you to enhance your graphic designs in the highest quality possible.

2. Lay Out The Design

The design includes the format of your membership card, the size, and the graphic designs that you will add. The format means where you will designate the information to make it look formal and properly arranged. Our basic membership card size is 3.5x2 inches with bleed; it depends entirely on you if you will follow the usual size or customize your own. As for the graphic designs, you can add the company logo as a background image of the membership for branding purposes.

3. Write The Details Of Your Company Or Organization

It is necessary to write the details of your organization because it will serve as an indication of who granted the membership. The essential information includes the company or organization name, the complete address, and contact details.

4. Include Member Information Details

Of course, the details of the member is needed for identification. The same as the information of the company, it requires the complete name of the member, contact information, address, and signature.

5. Include Validity And Expiration

All membership cards need to have an expiry. Think about the duration of the membership carefully because the activity of the member using the card will affect your company or organization. You can ask your team for their opinion. Do not forget to put the validity details on the membership card so that the owner will know when the validity of the card will last.

6. Add Terms and Conditions

Since the card will grant easy access and any rights that your company allows, it is necessary to have terms and conditions regarding the use of the card. It is essential in case a member will abuse his privileges. The terms and conditions will give them an idea about the scope and limitations that the card will allow.

7. Print using PVC Plastic

In the printing process, you can either use office printers or let professional printing experts do the printing to make your membership card in high-quality. Use PVC Cards because it is a durable and flexible material.

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