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How to Make a Thank-You Card in Adobe Photoshop

Card-giving has always been a habit and a tradition that has been passed on from generation to generation. A way to utilize cards is through expressing gratitude. Cards can be used to say thank you and a form of appreciation to another person. Thank-you cards are applicable for any occasion; it does not only limit to holidays or special celebrations. It can be used anytime and anywhere whenever you feel thankful. So here are the steps in making a thank-you card.

1. Decide the Purpose

There are many reasons to be thankful. So for you to start making a thank-you card, find that reason. It can be because of a particular occasion, like a thank-you for attending a birthday party, Christmas, or any reason to feel appreciative. You can make Christmas thank-you cards, baby shower thank-you cards, birthday thank-you cards, graduation thank-you cards, Mother's Day thank-you cards, funeral thank-you cards, and many more. It all depends on the purpose of your thank-you card.

2. Plan and Visualize

Plan the content of your thank-you card. Thank-you cards do not only contain a simple thank-you, it also contains a short message to express your gratitude further. So plan a brief phrase or sentence about what you want to say. Then, envision the design. What makes cards attractive and more charming is the design. The content always matters more, but the design still matters because it gives artistic satisfaction to the person. In planning the design, you have to acknowledge the purpose of the thank-you card. If it's a wedding thank-you card, it is expected to see images and designs relating to weddings. If it's a funeral thank-you card, the designs have to be discreet and straightforward. You have to consider the atmosphere of the occasion. Unlike birthday thank-you cards that are expected to have joyful designs, funeral thank-you cards have to be conservative.

3. Begin the Production

To start actualizing the thank-you cards, open Adobe Photoshop, and begin layouting the cards. A typical thank-you card's standard size is 3 1/2 in × 4 7/8 inches, but you can always choose any size that favors your preference. Then, decide the format orientation, whether portrait or landscape. After that, its time to design the thank-you cards. Place the intended designs, patterns, and images in the blank paper. Make sure that the designs are high in quality and not pixelated. There are not that many options in considering the concept of the design. You can make it minimal, professional, fancy, or even handmade. It depends on the intention and occasion.

4. Insert the Texts

After designing, it's time to insert the content of the thank-you card. What you need to accentuate in front of the thank-you card are the words THANK YOU. By doing so, the attention focuses on the intention directly. Then, write the name of the receiver. The receiver can be anyone. It can be your parents, a party attendee, a teacher, or anyone. If the card is for no one in particular, or if it is for a general event, then there's no need to put names. Lastly, put the planned phrase that adds to the appreciation.

5. Save and Print

After making the thank-you cards, recheck for misspelled names and words. Also, check the quality of the design. After setting everything up, save the card and print. Finally, give it to the ones you are thankful for.

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