Increase the interest of your target market by creating a trading card that does not only feature sports icons but also contains creative designs and high-quality graphics. With that, here are our Trading Card Templates in Apple Pages that you can customize depending on the type of trading card you want to achieve. All our templates are easily editable and 100% customizable. Whether you opt for a physical or digital copy, you don't have to worry about the quality of our design as it is guaranteed to have an excellent quality that will surely entice trading card enthusiasts. Grab yours now by downloading our Trading Card Templates in Apple Pages!

What Is a Trading Card

A trading card is a small-sized card that contains an image of a popular person or fictional character along with their names, achievements, and attributes. Its current holder trades it if ever he/she loses to an opponent during a card game. There are many types of trading cards available in the market, such as Yu-Gi-Oh cards, Pokeman cards, and sports cards. However, it was sports cards that were popular first, most especially late 1800s baseball cards. It was then followed by football cards, softball cards, and basketball cards.

How to Create a Trading Card in Apple Pages

Even though digital technology has exponentially risen nowadays, tangible trading cards are still considered as gold by trading card enthusiasts. Some of them are even willing to spend money to collect them, especially the classic ones. So if you plan to indulge in the selling of trading cards, you might as well do it right to gain trust and popularity among trading card enthusiasts. To help you with that, we have gathered a few tips on how to create a trading card.

1. Opt To Use Apple Pages

There are many editing software that are good enough to be a trading card maker. You can choose any of them as long as you find it convenient. However, Apple Pages should be among your choices. Why should it be? Apple Pages has all the features and tools you'll need for your trading card, even though it's widely known as a word processor. Plus, it's available for free if you happen to own a Mac PC.

2. Attach a Glorious Image of The Character/Iconic Person

The person or character represented by a trading card is likely a beloved icon among trading card enthusiasts. Honor their love of a particular icon by attaching a glorious image of them on your trading cards. If you'll be making sports cards, then the best approach is to attach images of athletes in action. You can grab high-quality images from the internet. Just make sure that they're stock free to avoid copyright violations.

3. Set an Artistic Font Style for The Name

It's mandatory for trading cards that the character's name should be the most conceivable text on it. To achieve that, what you should do is enhance it by setting artistic font styles for it. Since trading cards mostly represent cool characters and god-like characters, and men mostly collect them, it's best to set font styles that are masculine-looking.

4. Enhance Its Aesthetic Quality

A major criterion that you must keep in mind when it comes to trading cards is its aesthetic quality. It's essential to make your trading cards eye-pleasing and attractive. Otherwise, trading card enthusiasts won't be interested in collecting them. What you should do is add designs to their background, set eye-catching color schemes, and improve the look of their borders.

5. Use Trading Card Templates

Downloadable and printable trading card templates are available on the internet if you find it challenging to create one from scratch. With the help of these types of card templates, there's no need for you to design them. All you have to do is add your own desired character, and apply minor changes if need be.

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