How to Create Trading Cards in Adobe Photoshop?

Trading cards are famous worldwide. There are a variety of trading cards like business cards (Pokemon, Marvel, Star Wars, Yugioh), sports cards (baseball, football, basketball, etc.), and personalized trading cards. Although there are millions of trading cards in existence, it would be a fulfilling task to make one of your own. If you are a trading enthusiast and wanted to have a unique trading card, Adobe Photoshop can be your trading card maker friend in achieving one. Are you curious on how to make one? Well, here are simple steps in creating your trading cards:

1. Choose Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop will allow you to create shapes, make text boxes, and insert texts on your trading cards. It is user-friendly and effortless to use, so it's the best program for you to comfortably use when making trading cards.

2. Choose Your Image Or Artwork

The design of your trading cards would depend on what card you are making. A trading card must have an image attached to it. Another option would be a hand-drawn portrait of your desired figure. Crop your photo or artwork into squares to easily add them to your card. If you want to make sports cards like baseball cards, football cards, or basketball cards, then your design should reflect their sporty nature.

3. Design your Card

Once you have decided on the image to attach, you can now design the appearance of your card. Mostly, trading cards are rectangular-shaped. They are approximately 2 x 3.5 inches tall. Indicate a thick border for you to cut around. Afterward, you may insert text boxes for the name of the character of the card and another text box for other details. Choose a legible font.

4. Add Essential Details

Each of your trading cards must have an identity. Provide each person with a character, name, and details. Mostly, trading cards are used to flaunt a character. For business cards, add essential information like the character's power, skills, etc. For sports, indicate the player's statistics, team name, and history, etc. For personal use, indicate the person's favorite food, color, talents, etc.

4. Make Sufficient Copies

Make multiple copies out of your designed trading card. Each trading card must have a character, so you must edit the name and the details of each of them. Insert an artwork or image fitted for each character. Once you are finished multiplying, you now have multiple cards ready to be printed.

5. Proofread, Edit and Print your Trading Cards

After laying out everything, you can now finalize your work by proofreading. You can also assign someone to do it for you so they can give suggestions. Gather their suggestions and use them as a reference in editing your trading cards. Afterward, your trading cards are ready to print. To put consistency into your trading cards, use a sturdy paper stock. You can print them personally or have them printed commercially.

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