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What is a Simple Quotation?

A sales quotation sent under given circumstances to a prospective client intending to sell products or services at a specific price.

How to Create a Simple Quotation

Sales documents such as quotation also known as quotes is a detailed offer or proposal for sale. It is a letter sent to potential customers to provide an average sale price for a specific set of products or services. In a nutshell, it is a reply message to an inquiry or request from a certain customer.

According to an article, a quotation letter is the most common and used letter in a business organization.

This guide will help you proceed in creating one.

1. Incorporate All Important Details

First off, you need to include all the important details that you need to present in the quotation letter. Basically, it contains the sender's company name and address, exact date, recipient's name or position and address, details of the prices of the selected goods, terms of payment and conditions of delivery should be clearly stated by the seller to avoid confusion.

Just a tip, business quotation format has key elements such as the total price, coverage of price (the breakdown of prices, taxes, discounts, and net costs), time period, schedule of delivery, business details, and payment terms and conditions (mode and time of payment).

2. Make it Brief and Use a Positive Tone

Since a sample quotation is a response letter to a customer's inquiry, state your reply clearly. Be concise and complete in giving the details. Make sure you provided the exact details that the customer asked. Establish a light and positive tone that will build a good business relationship.

Based on an article, when writing for business, clear and concise language is essential. This implies that the selection of words is of paramount significance.

3. Download Suitable Quotation Template

Although agency quotation may seem easy to create, you can actually search and download quotation templates if you want to save time. Download the most suitable quotation template we offer. Make use of the suggestive contents presented. This site will provide you expertly made templates that can be downloaded in any file format.

4. Recheck for Errors

A quotation letter has to be free from errors. Knowing it contains the details of specific products an services, you have to ensure its accurateness. Prices should be reviewed as well as the names of the goods to avoid confusion. Reread everything and if you spot errors to correct them right away.

According to an article, by maintaining your message straightforward and easy to comprehend, you are showing your customers that you are professional and trustworthy. If your message is jumbled and contains errors, you are showing that you don’t care about details so customers will assume that you won’t worry about details within your business either.

Good communication builds your reputation, credibility, and connections.

5. Have it Signed

Since a quotation is considered as a business letter, you have to print your signature on it. It is advised to know that all the contents are abiding the business's or company's contract.

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