In the business industry, quotations are highly significant in increasing sales and establishing a professional relationship with prospective clients. It helps sellers or service providers communicate the prices of products and services they offer. If you’re looking for the easiest way to create a price quote or quotation for your business, then take a look at our printable quotation templates. We guarantee you that these templates are 100% customizable, high-quality, professionally written, and industry compliant. These are also easily editable in Google Docs, MS Word, and Apple Pages file formats. What are you waiting for? Download now and close the deal at once!

What is a Quotation?

In business, a quotation is a sample statement or document that a vendor or a service provider gives to a potential customer to let him/her know the cost of goods and services. It is usually sent upon the request of a potential client. A quotation includes information such as the description of the goods and services offered, the price set to charge for the goods or service to be provided, terms of sales and payment, and warranties (if applicable.)

We offer several types of editable quotation templates that you can use for your business. From business quotation format templates, freelance quotation templates, basic quotation templates, price quote templates... youname it, and we have it. Just type the specific quotation template you are looking for on the search box, and you’re good to go. Plus, you can purchase templates at a very reasonable price.

How to Create a Printable Quotation

To persuade a customer to avail of the products and services your business offers, make sure that you respond to the customer’s request for quotation at the soonest time possible. And in this guide, we have are providing you with five easy steps to create a simple quotation.

1. Start With the Header

Before you start creating your business quotation, you first have to work on your company or business letterhead. If you already have one, see to it that it includes essential details such as business name, logo, address, contact details, and website URL. Providing these details will make it easier for potential clients to reach out to you. Moreover, having a letterhead on your document will increase brand awareness. If your business does not have a letterhead yet, you can purchase one of our letterhead templates.

2. Describe the Goods and/or Services

Provide a description of the goods and/or services you offer and the price for each. Create a table to present this information to the potential client/s. For goods, make sure that you specify the price per item. On the other hand, if your business provides services, determine the cost of labor or the hourly rate. You should also include the price of the materials needed to render the service. It is important to highlight the total amount to be paid for the client to quickly know how much he/she is going to pay. Make sure that you provide a detailed breakdown of the prices to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.

3. Add a Section for the Client’s Information

As a business owner, you have to guarantee your clients that they will receive the best services. For you to provide immediate assistance to your clients, you have to know important information about them, such as their name, address, and contact details.

4. Specify Terms of Payment

Potential clients need to know the terms of payment even before the business transaction is finalized. If you penalize for delayed payment, say so in your document. Moreover, indicate your preferred mode of payment.

5. Set the Validity Date

Over time, prices of materials change—it may increase or decrease; which is why you must indicate the validity date of your price quote or quotation. Proofread your document and add your name and signature at the bottom of the document.

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