Cultivate a sense of professionalism by creating a formal statement or agreement that gives assurance to supply the required products, goods, or services that a client has requested, with specific prices and a given period. Download one of our premium quotation templates from our vast online catalog that is fully customizable and compatible with all versions of Microsoft Excel. Our professionally tailored templates can be easily personalized to fit any preferences such as a DJ quotation, massage service quotation, carpenter maintenance quotation, cleaning services quotation, renovation project quotation, and the list goes on! We highly prioritize our dearest of customers so we made sure these templates make use of high-quality content such as text fonts, images, and other graphic files. Download and curate one to your liking now!

What Is a Quotation?

A quotation is a highly-prioritized document that is used by the business or the company for transactional purposes. This type of business document is a summary of the goods, products, or services with certain prices and conditions as requested by the client or customer. The client or customer can opt to accept or refuse the quotation if there are issues or discrepancies in the product list.

How to Create Quotations in Excel

Creating a company sales product quotation has never been easier with the help of Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel is a modern spreadsheet software that features calculation, graphing tools, table creation, and other tools that are convenient to manage and utilize.

1. Choose a Template from Our Media Library

Take a plunge into our immense collection of quotation outline templates and select the one that is created just for you. The collection varies from template to template so each design is different. Take tall the time you need to choose the right one, and you don't need to rush with the selection. Choosing the right shirt takes you time, how much more a business template.

2. Start the Journey with a Table

You will not be able to proceed with creating and writing the quotation if have no frame or skeleton to work with. Tables help give structure to a quotation document product list. Without a table, the item presentation might seem messy. Start creating the table and make as many columns as you need. The table need not be too creative or full of colors. It must be a simple table that is neat and organized. The first row must be where the column titles must be located.

3. Business Information and Logo

Some clients and customers want to ask questions about the products or labor work to the supplier. How will they be able to contact you? Write down your business or company contact information on the quotation draft presentation. Include your company contact numbers, email address, and current company address. This business information will help customers know what number to call or email should they have any inquiries, issues, or discrepancies about the quotations.

Regarding the logo, some sales or business quotations do not require their company logo to be placed in the document. The company name on the quotation will suffice, but you can opt to place the logo to have it be recognized as your document. You can even have the logo to be colored.

4. Product Information

The next thing you must do is the most important step which is to give a product list. Enumerate the requested products, goods, or services in a list form. Add the product's descriptions and the quantity of each. In the next column, add the specified price and the certain conditions of each product.

5. Signature for Confirmation

There are times when clients or customers do not want to call you for confirmation of the requested product quotation. Some just merely want to sign the quotation after they have read it and send it back to the supplier. Place a blank signature field on the bottom part of the quotations document for the customer to sign it like how one does a simple contract.

6. Give It Another Thought and Save

If doubts and your highly-critical mind have consumed you then you must heed its bidding. Review everything from the header down to the signature field. Assess whether you have everything in the right place. And when your mind is finally at peace, save your work! You can now send your quotation through an email or any social media chat app!

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