At the start of the century, the CD tape became mainstream. Although the current market finds these compact disks a bit old school, there is much more to it than meets the eye. They have untapped potential to be novelties and tangible manifestation of music. That's why for your CD cover design needs, we provide these ready-made and high-quality CD Cover Templates. These exceptional and excellent products are available in Adobe PSD and Illustrator, Microsoft Word and Publisher, and Apple Pages file formats, so you can use them whenever and wherever. Download any of these graphic templates today and make your CD cover fast!

What is a CD Cover?

A CD Cover is a labeling tool that people use to coat compact disks. People can use these as advertising and marketing means for their events, music concerts, conferences, and other business affairs. The cover might have two parts, namely the CD Cover and the CD case. With a CD cover, a pop, rap, or hip hop artist can put his or her face in the CD, making it personal and boosting one's prestige.

How to Create a CD Cover

Whenever we think of road trips, we think of music. One of the best methods of doing this is through CDs. With music, travel becomes enjoyable and worthwhile. With CDs, it becomes perfect. For this reason, marketing through the use of these memorabilia is excellent. That's why if you want, we provide these steps below in creating that fresh and cool cover design that can make the best impressions.

1. Choose an Interesting Design

Since the rise of the internet and technology, art became a consistent aspect of marketing and design. It goes beyond being creative. It's all about keeping people's eyes on it. So, for your first step, consider using a compelling design on your material. Do not use too many colors and destroy art.

2. Remember to Add Branding

As mentioned earlier, CD covers are an excellent way to act as a labeling tool. So, for your next step, you should include your company's name, logo, and other information on the cover. If you are a young musician, consider adding your name on the CD cover. Make sure that you are using proper font sizes and colors, as well.

3. Incorporate the Case

We all know this step. However, as a reminder, you should try to incorporate the CD cover's design with CD cases. Some people can even go beyond and have creative ways of ensuring they coordinate well. You can try having a cut out from the case's cover that the CD cover design can complete. If you need to, you can check some book covers as inspiration. They work the same way. However, make sure that you coordinate these two sections well.

4. Leave a Leaflet

The CD case's cover design has been everyone's lyrics center. Whenever we listen to the new songs from the artists, we open up the back cover and check for the lyrics and chords. For this reason, if you are using the CD as a training tool, you can insert a leaflet that gives out your company profile within the design. I'm sure this will become a novel stroke to boost your marketing and advertising.

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