Certificates of achievement are more than just a document, they're actually capable of motivating people to continue doing their best and they can even be used as a form of credential. If you want to create your own, Template.net has a huge library of ready-made certificate templates that are high-quality, 100% customizable, and fully printable; you can even download them anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Easily editable in any version of Apple Pages, creating beautifully designed certificates will never be easier. Now that we're all set, go ahead and start downloading a certificate template now.

How to Create an Achievement Certificate in Pages

If you're a Mac user and you're planning to award someone a certificate of achievement, now's your chance to learn how. Below, we've got a list of instructions to teach you how to make creative yet professional certificates of achievement by using Apple Pages.

1. Gather Facts about Certificates of Achievement

An achievement certificate is more than just a sheet of paper that contains the awardee's name and their achievement; it is something that's worth treasuring and can even be used by the recipient in their future endeavors. But what other details should we know about achievement certificates? For you to do it right when making custom certificates, it is best to start with conducting research and gathering facts about it.

2. Define the Purpose of Creating Such a Certificate

After getting the necessary facts, you can then start defining your purpose for creating an achievement certificate. In the previous step, you were gathering answers to the "what" question while now you're coming up with answers to the "why." By defining a purpose and making use of the facts that were gathered from the last step, you'll know what elements to include and how to compose your congratulatory message.

3. Get Details about the Awardee

An achievement certificate should contain more than just the name of the person receiving the award; it should indicate their accomplishment as well. In a school setting, for example, an achievement certificate may be given to a student due to their academic excellence or their performance in sports. In a business setting, on the other hand, an employee may receive an achievement or appreciation certificate due to their loyalty to the company.

4. Use Apple Pages for Creating the Certificate

Apple Pages is a powerful word processor that works great for creating letters, certificates, and other forms of documents. To get started, launch Apple Pages, open a new document, and then set up the layout. From there, you can start working on your certificate by adding a header, writing the name of the awardee, and then describing their achievement. Just like most formal documents, make sure to follow a professional format when creating the certificate.

5. Proofread the Written Content or Message

After writing the content, take the time to proofread everything to see if there are any spelling or grammatical errors. Although Pages already has a native spelling and grammar checker, it's best to also do it yourself since the tool is often flawed. As mentioned earlier, certificates are meant to be treasured by the awardee, which means that the quality should be good enough to make it worth hanging on the wall.

6. Print the Certificate of Achievement

Save your work in a printable file format and then start printing it. Certificates, regardless of the type, are usually printed on parchment paper; just make sure to use a high-quality one. In most cases, you may need to get your certificate signed by certain people before you can give it to the recipient; you can even have your certificate sealed in order for it to be considered as a legal document.

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