How to Make a Printable Appreciation Certificate in Adobe Photoshop

Sometimes it is nice to think about what has been done for us by our best friend, students, teacher, employee or a group of individuals. This may be due to the help or aid they provided during a difficult moment, or to the success of a particular event. Saying "thank you" is a simple yet powerful way to boost the mood of someone and encourage them to continue their excellent job. A letter of appreciation would help you to better relay this in a more personal way. Create an appreciation certificate now and follow the steps outlined below.

1. Know the Person to be Awarded

Knowing who requires the recognition and what it requires to recognize will make your job in editing more easier. You can construct the wording you want to use when you know the person's detail. Many online sites provide wording for different kinds of sample certificates.

2. Plan to Use a Template

In making your modern certificate, you can download a template from Adobe Photoshop. Save a template before you start editing to avoid error in customizing it. You may save it to your desktop for future purposes. Remember to choose a template that looks easy for you to modify and edit.

3. Customize

Customizing your template would make it look unique and fresh. Try to modify the border and change it to something formal. Do not make use of borders that are inappropriate for your printable certificate. Another thing you may customize is the background color, fonts, and design.

4. Add Basic Information

5. Add Signature

6. Choose the Best Paper and Get them Printed

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