The church is more than just a place of prayer, it is where the community comes together for a common purpose. For a church to grow, it needs to be handled by nonprofit organizations, and their activities and projects rely on donations and solicitations. Of course, when money is involved, there has to be proper budgeting. This will ensure that all resources are allocated properly. If you're planning to create an effective budget, you might find interest in our Church Budget Templates in Excel. These ready-made templates are high-quality and 100% customizable, use them to manage your church's funds. Go ahead, subscribe to our plans now!

How to Set a Church Budget in Excel

Churches always have this principle that they are being provided with resources in times of need. While it's best to always have faith, it's important for the church heads to do our part. As the saying goes, "God has the mercy, people have the doing." To properly handle the church's resources, a budget should be created. Learn how to make one in Microsoft Excel by going through our guidelines below.

1. Define the Church's Goals

Start the budget right by first setting the goals of your church. These will influence the choices you will be making for this budget plan. For one thing, your church is constantly receiving income and already has expenditures laid out. Prioritize these expenditures and decide which goals need to be met first.

2. Determine the Church's Financial Status

Churches are nonprofit organizations, and their funds greatly depend on the offering or donations they receive from the churchgoers. Other sources of their income include solicitations, sponsorship from other organizations, and fundraising activities. Determine the sources and how much the church receives from each source. This will serve as the church's income and determine the amount to be budgeted.

3. Allocate the Resources

Previously, you prioritized the different expenditures and determined which ones needed the most attention. If you have done so, allocate your resources among those expenditures beginning with the ones that are considered a priority. Make sure not to consume all the church's resources, leave some for emergency purposes.

4. Never Settle For Less

Being overly comfortable is not good when handling financial matters. All efforts have to be exerted to make sure that the budget is created properly. Set realistic and attainable goals based on the resources available, and double your efforts in conducting fundraising activities.

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