How to Make a College Invitation in Apple Pages

In the fall of 2019, the National Center for Education Statistics even predicted the number of students attending colleges and universities to be at 19.9 million. Imagine how many org parties, ceremonies, and assemblies college students get to participate during their stay at the academy. Whether it's for a freshers party, a school formal invitation, or a college fest, these design tips should help you craft a stunning invitation in no time.

1. Determine the Appropriate Color Scheme

Color has the power to tie in all your design elements together to achieve the perfect visual appearance. But you need to be careful of your color choice as this can easily affect one's perception toward the nature of the invitation. For instance, vibrant colors are ideal for birthday invitations, but not so much for funeral invitations.

2. Choose the Right Fonts

Apart from its appeal, readability is another factor to consider when choosing the appropriate fonts for your school invitation. It's always best to experiment with different font styles and sizes to see what works well with the rest of your design.

3. Keep It Personal

You don't need to have the hands of an artist to personalize your invitation. What's great is that it serves as an opportunity for you to be creative and unique with your design. You can include accents aligned with your university's identity or anything distinctive enough for guests to recognize.

4. Avoid Overcrowding

As fun as it is to play around with different graphic elements, try not to overdo it. A cluttered layout can easily ruin the overall look and feel of your invitation, especially if you aren't careful. Thus, it's a good idea for you to begin with a draft before anything else. Decide on where to place specific information and design elements until everything looks clean and organized.

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