Construction work is a heavy-load business where various risks and hazards are just around the corner in day-to-day operations. Throughout the years, the construction industry has implemented industry standards and guidelines to ensure the overall welfare of any construction employee. Alongside these implementations are numerous documents you need to prepare. We have already provided you these ready-made Construction Safety Templates in Google Docs for your convenience to save much of your time. Our professionals have strictly aligned these original templates to the industry requirements, particularly in construction. These are easily editable for your specifications. No need to fuss your construction safety documents. Subscribe today!

How to Write a Construction Safety Document in Google Docs?

According to OSHA, the top 4 causes of construction fatalities are falls (33.5%), being hit by an object (11.%), electrocutions (8.5%), and getting caught in or in between an object. This totals 58.6%—a shockingly large amount responsible for the deaths of construction workers. Therefore, it is important to ensure that safety programs and proper construction management are in place to better protect your asset—your workers in any construction site.

Here are some tips on how you write a construction safety document.

1. List Down Important Details

Create a list of the relevant details that your document should comprise. Things to consider are the possible workplace hazards, their solutions or how to prevent them, and what personal protective equipment (PPE) to use for each area in any construction field.

2. Make Sure It Is Understandable

Your construction safety document is an essential document that must be free from ambiguity or vague interpretations. It must be objective rather than subjective. Thus, you must write in easy-to-understand language. Structure sentences in a simple way. For better organization of ideas, divide your document into sections, then into segments. Use bullets.

In formatting, use neat font faces like Times New Roman, Arial, or the like, with preferably 12 pts for its size. Use the same font style throughout your document.

3. Use a Template

Creating from scratch can be a hassle. Take advantage of using a template that starts you with a premade construction safety document outline. You can use our ready-made Construction Safety Templates above as they are easily editable. You can modify the content to fit your needs.

4. Review Your Document

It will be a bad impression on your construction company if any document it produces is tailored with mistakes on the details, spelling and grammar issues, and other possible mishaps. Plus, as for construction safety use, all the information it bears should be factual and exact.

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