How to Make a Construction Work Order in Google Docs

Every construction business intends to deliver the best services to its clients to excel. With this, clients can request the services that they want the company to perform and are willing to pay for them. Statista predicted that in 2023, construction spending is going to surpass 1.45 trillion U.S. dollars. This goes to show that construction companies' services are in need. One of the ways to cater to their clients' needs is by identifying the kind of services they need to do through a work order. So, here's a set of tips that you can follow in making a construction work order:

1. Provide a Company Letterhead

As part of the work order, you have to place your company letterhead on the top of the document. This way, you can brand your work order through it. Letterhead may include the name of the company, contact details, address, and company logo. Make sure that the letterhead doesn't steal a lot of space from the work order, or you won't have a lot of space for other information.

2. Put a Section for the Client's Information

Like a purchase order or an invoice, your client's identity is essential to your work order. So, you have to provide a space for the client's information. You have to put a space for the client's name or company name, address, and contact information. This way, you can easily identify who the work is from. You can also contact your client if you have any questions.

3. Put a Field for Work Description

The client has to explain his or her problem. For this, you need to provide a space for it. This way, they can write about the things they need from your company on your document. They can also write in this area how you can fix their problem.

4. Place a Column for the Materials

You have to have the list of things that you need to do while working. So, your clients should have an area where they can provide a list of all the materials or tools you need to use to finish the job. This is going to help with project management.

5. Create a Section for Important Dates

Another essential part of the work order is the date. You have to know when the client's request about when he or she wants the job to be done. So, you have to put an area where your client can write the schedule when he or she wants you to finish the job. This can help you estimate the time for doing what they ordered.

6. Use a Construction Work Order Template

If you want to excel in making a construction work order, you might need a template. A template is going to be very convenient for you. It's going to help you save time. For that, we have a lot of helpful templates that can help you. We have a job work order template, a stop work order template, and more. Pick one from above and edit it Google Docs.

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