What Is a Deposit Receipt?

Also known as a deposit slip, the simple receipt shows the specific amount that has been deposited, more specifically, to whom and when it happened with its grand total. It holds the monetary transaction recording between parties to secure goods or services. When the deposit has been successfully done, a receipt will show up to indicate its validity. And in this digital age, your deposit receipt can be physically printed and/or digitally delivered.

How to Create a Deposit Receipt

deposit receipt template

According to a recent survey of YouGov Omnibus, as stated in the eMarketer article, 68% of US Internet users would even like to have a physical copy of their receipt of any of their purchases. Also, by making use of a deposit receipt, it will be a vital help for your internal accounting. Now, you need not complicate yourself to provide an effective and clean deposit receipt by following these basic and useful key points.

1. The Business Name

The deposit receipt can be made for a rental transaction, car purchasing or loaning, construction deposit, and more. So it is always a vital requirement to name the deposit receipt at the top portion right away. This is to establish a clear and correct business deposit transaction sheet.

2. Use Only a Clean and White Sheet

For this kind of transaction, it is advisable to make use of the clean and plain white sheet. You are discouraged to decorate your deposit receipt as this can make the sample receipt look invalid and unprofessional. Just think of it as the white page is dedicated to the deposit receipt. As much as possible, only input the essential data from your deposit transaction! The company or business logo is optional but not necessary.

3. Easy Readable Fonts

Standard and classic fonts are best for this kind of document. Arial and Calibri are some of the easy and readable fonts you can use. Though, you can keep the general texts bold and size bigger than the rest of the content for emphasis. Artsy, cursive, and very grandeur font style and sizes are highly discouraged for any deposit, cash, rent, or sales receipt.

4. Fewer Colors

For a deposit receipt, you can only pick at least two colors for the rest of the receipt. One-color is even enough for this kind of document. But, you can just apply the color in general texts like "personal information," "date and time," and other texts that need to be highlighted. This is only to help you give an emphasis on the details to fill out.

5. Clear Identification

Always provide the name, contact number, address, date, and time explicitly. Basically, these are the main dishes of this document, but you need to be error-free in presenting them. As the deposit receipt serves as a safeguard medium, it needs to be exact all in all. This can be used for future references if some issues arise. Moreover, you should not miss providing certain subtotal and a very visible grand total within the whole deposit receipt.

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