How to Create an Education Flowchart In Google Docs

Educational systems vary. One may be effective to the other, but one may not. The Program for International Student Assessment revealed that students' retention in some key areas are not improving. There are means not to remain where a student is in his or her retention status now. The New York Times compiled student suggestions on how they think the American educational system can improve. Contemplating these suggestions, create an education flowchart in Google Docs by following the guide steps below.

1. Create a Management Plan

Create a process by making a plan. How will you spend your day as a student? How will you plot your day as a teacher? How will you balance your day to achieve your daily goals? Not just as an individual who has student or teacher responsibilities, but also outside the classroom setting. Will you be able to attain your future educational goals with that routine? Establishing a management plan will keep you on track. You will know if what you are doing is still aligned to the process to stay on the road of educational success.

2. Identify Challenges

“Nobody is perfect.” This is a famous line that can be applied in many ways. It’s the same thing in planning. Yes, you may plan something and still carry it out just fine, but along the execution, you find yourself unable to meet what you have planned out. The good thing about flowcharts is that they are great decision-making tools that will help you get through unexpected circumstances. It advises you what to do when things turn the other way around. So in the management plan you made, identify areas that may be at risk of uncertainty of fulfilling the planned process.

3. Distribute your Educational Flow on a Chart

The plan plus the possible split-half processes will make up your flowchart. Generate it manually by inserting shapes in the blank document of Google Docs. Find them in the dialog box that will appear when you go to the insert menu, clicking drawing and selecting new. Shape and line tools are ready for you there to construct the chart. If you want to obtain a flowchart in one piece, choose from our variety of educational flowchart templates above. They are readily downloadable for free and editable in Google Docs. Get your work done faster and smarter!

4. Personalize the Chart

You might ask, “Why do I need to modify the chart when it is just used for personal purposes?” Personalizations are not just applied to suit your preference. It is also used to make your tool more organized. If you are just aiming for a simple chart, don’t worry because these modifications are simple too. Apply shape fill colors for the parts of the chart that have the same purpose. Use a uniform color for the decision points, then for their action plans. Use another one for the original flow of your management plan. Review the flow you distributed on the chart, and it’s set for printing. Have a successful educational walk ahead!

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