Do you work in the field of electrical engineering? What about civil construction or software development? The various engineering fields are essential in stabilizing and developing modern societies. In businesses and organizations involved, proper staff structures are imperative for their operations. Organizational charts are particularly useful in achieving these goals. So, allow us to lend you a hand with our easily editable Engineering Organizational Chart Templates! Quickly design an organogram for sorting out project members, consulting engineers, general contractors, and more. Our samples come compatible with Google Docs, allowing convenient editing on a browser. Don’t delay and download now—use our professional content and efficiently manage engineering workers!

How to Make an Engineering Organizational Chart in Google Docs

There’s no doubt that a lot of skill and knowledge goes into all the different engineering fields—be it mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and so on. However, in related companies, successful work is only possible through well-organized hierarchies.

For your own engineering staff management, use the humble yet effective organizational chart. As described in an article from Investopedia (a business and finance resource), organizational charts use simple shapes and lines for sorting out hierarchical structures.

Are you looking to speed up your organogram creation in Google Docs? Well, we’ve got you covered with our tips found below!

1. Utilize the Drawing Feature for Your Engineering Organizational Chart

When it comes to organizational charts, Google Docs has an excellent tool for making them. So, go ahead and open a new document to get started.

At the top of Docs’s window, go to Insert > Drawing and select New. A smaller interface is now open, which is the Drawing window. This is where your whole chart is put together.

2. Add a Text Box and Name Your Organizational Chart

It’s important that your chart’s contents are immediately identifiable. So, with a text box, give your document a descriptive title.

Select the Text Box option (the “T” icon) in the Drawing window’s toolbar. Next, Click-drag the text box into the top of your drawing space. With the new text box selected, type in an informative title—such as “Administrative Safety Staff” or “Chemical Laboratory Firm.”

Resizing your text box involves click-dragging one of the nodes on its sides. Meanwhile, moving it around is done by click-dragging the text box itself.

3. Input Names and Positions into Shapes

Add shapes to your organizational chart by using the Drawing window’s Shape menu (in the toolbar). Choose either the oval or rectangle, then click-drag below the text box.

For your first shape, start with who holds the highest position within the hierarchy—like a safety officer or department director. Continue with the other members, proceeding down the chain of command and adding more shapes.

Write down each members’ name and position into the shapes. Resize and reposition them the same way as with the text box.

4. Direct the Authoritative Flow Using Lines

In an organogram, lines are crucial when showing how each hierarchical layer descends into another. Give your own diagram these lines through the Select Line menu, found next to Shape.

In Select Line, pick one of the Connector options and then position it between two related shapes. Click-drag the line’s ends to one shape each, attaching those ends to the purple nodes. After doing so, both shapes are now connected by a self-adjusting line.

And that’s it for our tips! Making an organogram for a construction firm, a software company, etc. is now much easier. Finally, feel free to use our Engineering Organizational Chart Templates for an even easier time with your diagram creation!

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