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How to Make a Business Flyer in Microsoft Publisher

What gets a business, an event, or a product to potential customers in the fastest and most effective way is through flyers. A flyer is a great way of advertising business through mass distribution and an effective platform for political campaigns through canvassing.

On the other hand, business flyers are also known as corporate flyers or marketing flyers. These are utilized in advertising events, products, or services.

Flyers are not brochures, although they have something in common. While brochures can be folded into two (bifold) or three (trifold), flyers usually come in a single sheet. It is more likely to be like posters, though flyers vary in sizes. How to create a flyer in Publisher is quite easy, however, there are things that you need to consider in making your own business flyers. Consider these tips for producing a business flyer with the best corporate flyer design:

1. The Basics Are the Most Important

The basics include the location, the name of the business company, the contact information, and other relevant information. Your clients should have the idea of what you are promoting, where to go, and what to do when they get there. The highlight, therefore, of your business flyer must include all the basic information that the customers need to start up. If you’re promoting a sale or a discount, make it easy for them to understand the things that they have to do to get the discount.

2. The Headline Makes All the Difference

The headline is on the front page of your marketing flyer. It is usually called a short, striking introduction in a form question or a call to action. It should be bigger than the usual text and must be eye-catching. When creating a flyer headline, consider your customer’s perspective. Know what they need to see and want from the business you are promoting.

Another important thing in designing a business flyer is to also consider the font and the font size. Choose the easy-to-read fonts and those that are bigger in sizes. But take note that not all fonts with bigger sizes are good to look at. So you have to be smart and picky with the fonts that you are going to use.

3. The Picture Tells it All

One look is worth a thousand words when you incorporate a photo. Use high-quality images that are related to the business or the products you are selling. Although the marketing industries consider a flyer to be a text-relying promotional material, an image can also impact your readers. When inserting a picture, consider having one big photo than putting a number of small pictures.

4. The Content Serves a Purpose

The content of your business flyer must include not just basic information. You can put a brief history of the business, the problems encountered and the solutions that made your company survived. Include the success as well as the failures that the company faced during its early years. However, all these things must be written in a precise yet informative manner. Keeping it short and simple is the secret to not bore your readers.

5. Ready for Mass Distribution

Flyers are intended for wide distribution to make the public aware of what you are promoting or advertising. It can be handed down personally in the street or you can post it online to reach the target audience even at a distant far. In whatever way you spread the word, make sure it reaches everyone.

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