The experience of participating in church activities is unlike any other and people need to realize how rewarding that is in the end. To help you save time in creating beautifully-designed church flyers, we've got a collection of ready-made templates available for download. These high-quality templates in Microsoft Publisher are 100% customizable and fully printable, and you can even download them anytime and anywhere. Whether it's Gospel concerts or summer camps, our easily editable church flyer templates are your best options so start downloading one right now.

How to Make a Church Flyer in Microsoft Publisher

Get people to notice your church flyers by making them in Microsoft Publisher. By using this simple yet feature-heavy publishing application and following our list of instructions below, you'll get the job done in only six steps.

1. What is the purpose of your flyers?

The first step in creating any kind of flyer is to identify what it's for, and the same goes with creating church flyers. You can advertise various things with church flyers such as fundraising programs, Gospel or worship concerts, and other religious events. Unless your flyers are intended as a way to welcome back the lapsed, you will need to be specific with what you're trying to communicate in your church flyers.

2. Who is your target audience?

Depending on the purpose of your flyers, try asking yourself who they're for. The answer to this question points directly to your target audience and you should make sure that your design and choice of words are appropriate. For example, if your flyers are intended for advertising a youth summer camp, then your target audience would be teenagers or young adults and you're content's vocabulary should be age-appropriate.

3. Get the approval of the priest or church leaders

Before you can start an event that brings with it the name of the church, you will need to seek the approval of its leaders. As a way of showing respect to the people in charge, you should prepare a formal letter indicating what you plan to do and then have it signed. Additionally, you may even acknowledge the church leaders who approved of your project by including their names in your church flyers.

4. Start designing your church flyers in Microsoft Publisher

By using Microsoft Publisher, you can easily create printed publications such as greeting cards, brochures, posters, and flyers. To get started, open the application and then create a new project. Afterward, you can start building the design by importing graphical elements, applying a background color or image, and adding simple borders. Before proceeding to add the content, make sure that there's still more than enough room for it.

5. Add and proofread the content

Once you're done creating the design of your church flyer, you can then start adding the content. Again, the content of your church flyers should be appropriate to the chosen target market and this makes your message easier to retain. If you're planning to write a lot of content, be sure to organize them according to their importance. And lastly, do not forget to go over your content after writing it.

6. Share or print your church flyers

By default, projects made using Microsoft Publisher are saved in the PUB file format which is good but is not entirely compatible with other systems. Sticking to the PUB format is only great if you're printing your flyers yourself, but if you're planning to share your flyer design, it would be best to save it in either PDF, GIF, or JPEG. After producing copies of your advertising flyers, you can then start distributing them to your target audience.

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