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How to Make a Gaming Flowchart in Google Docs

According to Statista, 80% of video games were sold in physical copies, and the rest 20% were sold digitally by 2009. Digital distribution has also significantly increased in 2016 with Sony, Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, and Ubisoft as the largest gaming companies on the market. Nowadays, video games like futuristic and RPG games are the most commonly played by people.

A gaming flowchart is a diagram that shows the flow of the game. With a flowchart, it makes it even easier for you to understand the gameplay. Whether it's a board game or video game, a flowchart is easier to understand by putting connectors and details of each flow of the game.

There are different types of games that people frequently played, such as computer games, board games, and educational games. If you are thinking of making a game, then make a flowchart now! Here we provide you a step-by-step guide for you to follow when making a gaming flowchart in Google Docs.

1. Download a Template and Open It in Google Docs

Look on the internet for templates and choose one to download and use. Browse through our site for various sample chart templates. Make sure to check if the file is compatible with Google Docs. As soon as you downloaded it, go to your Google Drive and open the file in Google Docs.

2. Edit and Add More Shapes

Customize the editable chart template you downloaded and add more shapes if you want. To add more shapes, go to the Insert tab and click drawing from drop-down buttons and create a new drawing file. Click the shapes button and choose your desired shape. Make it more simple and easy to understand.

3. Connect the Flowchart Shapes

In your printable chart template, move the shapes to their corresponding connectors to relate each shape with various steps or stages of the game. Add more arrows as connectors to each flow of the game to indicate as the response. Fill the shapes and arrows with colors to quickly identify. Make sure to check if they are connected.

4. Add Text to Each Shape and Connectors

Add texts to each shape and connectors by using the textbox tool. After you are done inserting texts and shapes, modify the colors, and add vectors to make it more creative or not if you want to be simple. Check your work if some errors or mistakes need to be undone. Edit it as much as possible to avoid having problems when printing.

5. Save the File

Save the file as soon as you are done editing the flowchart. Print it afterward if there are no more errors found. Check first the printer and the paper you’ll use for printing. You can also share the file instead of printing a copy of it. Since Google Docs is an online software application, you can save it online in your Google Drive. You can also send it online by providing the link of the document and making sure that the privacy settings are modified for the recipient.

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