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A Gantt Chart is utilized to represent the project schedule that involves the duration of the individual tasks, the stages, and its dependencies, and ordering. It keeps up the process of the planning by calculating its duration, the identification of resources, and lays out the order in which the research work needs to be completed. It calculates the starting and endpoints of the completion of the project. It is considered as the traditional method and the technique used in the research study. The Gantt chart shows the lists of the activities in the research work, the duration and relationship between them, etc. Download them in Word, Excel, Illustrator, Publisher, or Pages and fill in your information to get your work done in minutes. Hurry!

How to Create a Gantt Chart?

A Gantt Chart is for the illustration of the relationship between the activities and the time. And it is to show the multiple activities in a single chart. This will provide simple and easy to understand the representation of the activity schedule. The research Gantt chart is basically the bar graph representing different activities in the research process against time.

Step 1: Two methods used in creating a Gantt chart

The two methods used in creating the Gantt chart are the forward and backward schedule. The forward schedule starts with the list of the activities and the given date following them forwards in time until you hit the given deadline. Whereas, the backward schedule looks at the deadline from that date work in the logical list of the activities. And both the methods allow ensuring that all necessary activities can be completed within the given project time frame.

Step 2: Mention research's start and end line

The Gantt chart includes the start and the end date that the research work takes to complete the entire project in the time duration. The researcher takes some time or the other to carry out the entire activities in the research and project. The Gantt chart is importantly the graph that is used while carrying out the research work. The researcher's work is to mention the time and duration that it needs to complete the study and work.

Step 3: Gathering all the information

The collecting and gathering of all the information that is needed to research work successfully. The responsibility of the researcher is to cover the areas that form the complete research work. The Gantt chart mentions the duration of the research work to fully complete the process. The gathering of the information is for the proper research work and the activities carried out by the researcher.

Step 4: Evaluating activities depending on other

The evaluation and assessment of the activities required in the research or project work. The chart mentions all the important things used in achieving the research work. It is through the chart that the duration and such things in the research used will be made clear by the researcher and the individual. The evaluation of the activities is important in making the research work successfully.

Step 5: Create graph including a timeline and list

The Gantt chart is the proper demonstration of the timeline and the list of the activities in the research or project work with the graphs and designs. The timeline and the activities are mentioned in the order in the chart. These contain the graphs and statistics that will genuinely prove to the detail used in the research work or assignment adapted.

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