Goals are dreams within your reach. You don't leave them in your imagination. Instead, you set your compass towards them. And achieving them gives your future a clear path. Although tomorrow is a cluster of uncertainties, your goals will be those little stops along the way. They are the markers of how far you have come from where you used to be. Our wide selection of Goal Planner Templates will be your trusted ally in making your dreams come true. They are specially curated by professional designers with all the necessary inclusions to help you move towards your aspirations. They are available in MS Word and can be accessed on any device anytime and anywhere! Choose the one that works best for you and download it now!

How to Make a Goal Planner in Pages

An article in Psychological Today linked several studies and findings that prove how goal-setting contributes to success in many ways. It states that having a roadmap towards your aspirations encourages motivation, confidence, and independence. It also shows that putting a goal in writing raises their success by 33% than those who only commit them to memory. Therefore, having a goal planner is an excellent practice to develop in achieving your aims in life.

1. Identify Your Goals

Every goal-setting will not commence without identifying what goals do you want to accomplish firsthand. With everything you want to achieve in life, this might be a tricky part. However, goals don’t have to be something grand like rising to the top of a corporate ladder or going on a fancy vacation. You can start by listing the action steps leading to your primary ambitions. If you don’t have anything like that in mind, you can begin by having a daily goal planner that centers on nutrition and self-care routines. Having something that you aim to achieve is an excellent exercise to give direction to your every day.

2. Choose a Planner

There are various planners out there. Any simple planner can help pave your way towards your goals. However, you need something that focuses on reaching your objectives. We have the best collection you can find that centers not only on goal-setting but also on fitness training, personal development, travel itinerary, and so much more to cater to every area of your life. It is highly customizable, so you can freely make changes however you wish.

3. Customize the Planner

Now that you have decided on what goal planner you like to work on, it’s time to fill its pages. Prepare a checklist of your goals and identify if you’d like to accomplish them on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. Setting a timeline for yourself builds in you a character of discipline, responsibility, and independence. This helps cultivate a positive attitude while working towards your intentions. For customizations, you can conveniently use Apple Pages with your chosen planner template. This allows you to incorporate your styles by manipulating the themes, artworks, and graphic arrangement to your personal preference. This will mark your goal planner as your own.

4. Review the Planner Content

Check and evaluate your entire output. See to it that you have everything in the right place and have successfully reformatted each element if you opted to do significant revisions on your template. Check if you have all the details correctly written or imprinted on the sections of your personal planner. Don’t worry if you have several blank sections left. You can revisit them later for more additions if you change of plans or if you wish to move along to another goal. The advantage of having templates at your disposal is that you can choose to customize any details anytime and anywhere with the right software.

5. Save and Make it Habit

Whether you choose to print out or keep your planner template as a softcopy, make sure that you have correctly saved your document to keep all the changes you have made intact. Since it’s a planner, don’t leave it unattended after the customizations. Commit to it. Track your progress and fill it regularly. Don’t stick with the goals you have at hand, dare to achieve more. Make your planner a long term companion. Only then can it serve its purpose, and you can see your growth as an individual.

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