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What Is an Honorary Certificate?

Basically, an honorary certificate -- also known as an honorary degree, is a type of creative certificate that is bestowed by an educational institution to someone who has waived the common requirements for such a degree. Furthermore, an abbreviation is indicated on it -- "h.c", which means "honoris causa" or "for the sake of the honor" in Latin. With that being said, this award is given as an honor instead of a recognition for completing some academic requirements.

How to Make a Perfect Honorary Certificate?

honorary certificate template

Honorary degrees are frequently bestowed by Ivy-league schools like Oxford or Harvard. Such award certificates are often awarded to those who have given contributions to a particular field, or usually a token of appreciation or acknowledgment to people who have made big donations to the said institutions. Thus, here are some useful techniques to help you craft your own honorary certificate.

1. Select a Format

Create a firm framework of your craft just like constructing a foundation for a building by choosing the desired format for it. May it be from Apple Pages, Photoshop, Publisher, and many more. You have a lot to choose from! Moreover, select the size and orientation of your project. You can have it in the size of 8.5x11 inches, then determine if it will be in portrait or in the landscape before getting your hands into the other components.

2. Enter the Basics

Since you already have a clean layout, you have to make sure that everything is put orderly and accordingly. For the design, you have the freedom to mix and match or have fun with the design components like the color scheme, font sizes and styles, borders and frames, and more; however, you have to ensure that you are not overdoing your lay-out because you are making a modern certificate and not a promotional flyer or poster. Moreover, input the necessary information such as the name of the awardee, the date when the certificate will be awarded, the brief explanation on why that person is being awarded, and the name and signature of the one who will give the award.

3. Maintain Accuracy and Formality

A certificate is an important document that aims to give recognition or acknowledgment to people who deserve to receive it. It s a small piece of paper but it weighs so much more than it looks. It brings the name of your institution and your name too, that is why whether you are making a membership certificate, internship certificate, award certificate, appreciation certificate, or any other kind of certificate, you have to be accurate on the data that you are entering and be professional on the design that you are making. In that case, the respect and honor that you are giving will be given back to you and your establishment.

4. Print

After lay-outing and checking that everything is perfect, you can already produce a copy. Do not print in on a poor-quality paper because you do not want to disappoint your awardee, don't you? Hence, use a premium-quality paper for the best results in order to not compromise the quality of your sample certificate design.

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