Do you run/own a luxury hotel? If so, then you’ll wanna show off your lovely white-sand beaches or 5-star accommodations to potential guests. But you’re probably wondering how to go about it. Well, A tried-and-true way of achieving this is the use of brochures. If you need a bit of help putting together an elegant pamphlet, then download one of our Ready-Made Hotel Brochure Templates! Assemble a printable handout design in no time with these professional and 100% customizable samples, each one being easily editable in good ol’ Photoshop. Plus, choose between A4 and US letter sizes to match your preference. Don’t keep delaying and download now to print your own handy advertising!

How to Create Hotel Brochures in Photoshop

As a hotel establishment, you’re able to provide travelers with high-quality services and accommodations, whether they be tourists on vacation or executives on a business trip. Though, there are times when things slow down and you’re not attracting as many guests over to check in as you’d like. And so, a bit of good advertising is in order.

From TV commercials to roadside billboard ads, there are many ways to get the word out about your bluewater seaside resort or your high-quality restaurant servings. But what if you’re on a budget? Well, that’s where printed handouts like flyers and brochures come in!

Now, you might be thinking that those might be kinda old-fashioned these days and not worth pursuing. On the contrary--printed leaflets and the like are still a good way of generating interest for your business, acting as compact summaries that people can merely pocket and pull out on a whim. In an article from, brochures are relatively cheap to produce, making it a perfect fit for when money is tight.

1. Browse Our Collection for an Effective Brochure Design

There are many ways to go about creating a look for your hotel brochure. However, doing so by yourself can be pretty hard and timeconsuming, especially for anyone unversed in it. To alleviate this problem, we make sure that our offered brochure templates are easily customizable for both professionals and amateurs alike. From photos of gorgeous beaches to vintage-themed illustrations, you’ll find something that works for your own promotional idea.

2. Make an Attractive Pamphlet Using Photoshop

Adobe’s classic Photoshop software is a good option for editing our templates, as it provides a refined set of features for all designing tasks. Once you’ve decided on one of our brochure templates and downloaded it to your computer, it’s time to start reshaping it in Photoshop.

While editing, it’s important to maintain the artistic quality of the premade layout. However, you still have the option of not touching the design and just use it as-is.

For the written content of your brochure, it’s recommended that you use online resources like a thesaurus and grammar checker to avoid type-o’s and awkward wording. With a search engine, you can instantly find these (free) tools to help you.

3. Use More Marketing Tools

Once you’re done applying the final touches to your brochure, you can use other ways to further enhance your business.

In this modern age, the Internet plays a significant role in contemporary lifestyles. So, it helps to put together a website to represent your hotel’s online presence and make it more convenient for clients to book rooms or ask questions.

Wanna know what visitors think of your accommodations? Get some feedback by printing and handing out some surveys to fill.

4. An Elegant Leaflet to Attract Guests

With your brochure design ready to go, print as many copies as you can afford and start distributing. Whether clients are gonna travel for leisurely fun or work-related purposes, show them they’re in good hands with you by using our stylish brochure templates!

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