Hotel Receipts Templates

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What Is a Hotel Receipt?

You can only have a hotel receipt in your hands if you stayed in a hotel. Hotel receipts are very important because they stand as proof of payment by someone who recently used the services and the product of the hotel was offering.

How to Create a Simple Hotel Receipt?

Every time someone uses a hotel room, it is expected that the manager of the hotel that the person is staying will give them their receipt for proof of transaction. If you are a manager that doesn't know how to create a hotel receipt, then continue reading this article for we will teach you a step-by-step guide on how to make an effective hotel receipt. Here's how:

1. State the Information of the Customer

The first information that a hotel receipt should contain is the name of the individual who used the hotel room. You have to indicate in this part the customer's full name together with the complete address and their contact details. Make sure also that you incorporate significant data, for example, the VAT number alongside the date in which the receipt was made.

2. Provide Information

This is the part where you will point out the name of the salesperson in charge of the transaction, the room charge, the time and date of the check-in and check out, and the number of rooms that were booked. Aside from that, you must also include the cash receipt number.

3. State the Total Amount Paid

In this part of the hotel receipt, you will state here the subtotal amount to be paid by the customer. But first, you have to calculate everything they have used. Once you are done calculating, proceed to add any sales tax to the subtotal. Calculate everything properly to get the total amount to be paid by the customer. Make sure that you properly calculate everything in order to avoid conflict and problems with the customer.

4. Sign the Hotel Receipt

Your hotel receipt must have the complete names and signatures of both of the customers and the manager. Signatures are very important so that your sample receipt will be valid and at the same time it means that the transaction has been completed. You may put the signature at the bottom of the par of the receipt. Remember to put also the date wherein the receipt was agreed upon.

5. Print the Hotel Receipt

Now that you are done placing all the necessary details in your hotel receipt, then it is now ready for printing. Use high-quality paper in your receipt in order to secure its quality and at the same time use high-quality inks so that the markings on your receipt won't fade easily.