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What Is a Hotel Brochure?

A hotel brochure is a marketing strategy used by hotel businesses to promote their establishment. It is a piece of paper, usually folded, that consists of information regarding the hotel. It has texts and pictures that allure the targeted market to choose the promoted hotel.

How to Make a Hotel Brochure?

Finding ways to promote an establishment, more specifically a hotel, can be challenging. Nowadays, the general public commonly uses technology to gain information and take reviews to see if the goods and services are excellent. However, using creative brochures are still very useful and practical because it targets a specific audience. If done right, hotel brochures can be as effective as digital promotions. So here are the effective steps in making a hotel brochure.

1. Make a Draft

The first thing to do in making a hotel brochure is to conceptualize the overall look of the sample brochure. That also includes the content information of the brochure. The important feature of a good brochure is the harmony between the words and the design.

2. Make a Solid Plan

Plan the design, the content, the pictures, and the information that must be included in the hotel brochure. The design must be attractive and alluring. The content must have words that pique the interest of the audience. Make sure that the words are not too wordy and dull. It has to have a nice mixture of convincing and elegant. The pictures must contain an actual representation of the hotel in the hotel rack card. The information must be necessary and not redundant. It must not be repeating.

3. Capture Important Corners of the Hotel

Take pictures of your luxury hotel, especially the rooms. The hotel must be inviting and homey for the clients to be allured to live in your hotel. Using photos of the actual design of your hotel makes it more realistic. It establishes assurance to the clients that what they are about to invest in is there already. It leaves no room for imaginations since the expectations can already be seen. All they have to do is visit the actual location. You may also include the same pictures in the hotel flyer.

4. Choose a Layout

Open your trusted brochure maker. You can open Illustrator, InDesign, Publisher, Apple Pages, Microsoft Word (.doc), and Photoshop (.psd) to begin designing. Start with choosing a size that can be adequately consumed. There are some cases that the brochures are too big, and there are still too many blank spaces. The typical dimensions of brochures are 8.5 in x 11 in, 8.5 in x 14 in, 11 in x 17 in and 11 in x 25.5 inches. The frequently used size is 8.5 in x 11 inches. You also have to choose what type of brochure you want. The kinds of the brochure are tri-fold, half-fold, z-fold, gatefold, french fold, accordion fold, and double-parallel fold.

5. Design Your Hotel Brochure

Put your plans into action. It is time to concretize your concept and imagination. Be creative yet simple. Put the colors and make sure that they are pleasant to the eyes. You have to avoid clashing colors because it does affect the favor of the audience. Make sure the colors complement each other. Next, are the designs and patterns. Don't forget to include designs that flatter the overall product. Then, put the content and the hotel plan that makes the brochure. Insert the pictures and words that define the hotel. Make sure to keep it realistic to avoid false expectations. Then, the necessary information. Insert the location and the company's contact information.

6. Review and Save

Double-check your brochure and erase irrelevant information and words. Make sure that everything is perfect. Finally, save and print it.

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