A hotel is a multifaceted business. From hotel room bookings to inhouse restaurant management, there’s a slew of different aspects that need taking care of. Because of that, there are all kinds of productivity tools that greatly benefit such work. One tool that’s especially useful for a hotel is the Gantt chart, used for managing tasks and resources through timelines. And we can help you make one with our easily editable Hotel Gantt Chart Templates! Keep track of cleaning schedules, facility construction, and more by customizing our professional samples; available in both A4 and US letter sizes. So, download now and start running your hotel more efficiently!

How to Make a Hotel Gantt Chart?

This is a type of organizational tool for managing different hotel task and resource timelines. Such timelines include (but aren’t limited to) supply orders, room renovations, and booking durations.

As explained by Investopedia (a resource for business and finance), the versatility of Gantt charts makes them suitable for all kinds of work and projects. And, that versatility lends itself well to the diverse tasks found in hotel businesses. You will also find related travel Gantt charts on our website.

Are you having trouble putting together a Gantt chart for your own hotel work? In that case, have a quick read through our tips (below) on how to create one more effectively!

1. Your Hotel Gantt Chart’s Data Table

The first main half of your business Gantt chart is the data table, which contains all the information you have in gauging your timelines. However, before getting started, make sure that you use a program that lets you work with grid tables or spreadsheets.

Once you have a new document opened, provide a descriptive yet concise title at the top--such as Network Implementation or Hotel Reservation System. Next, prepare a table on the left side containing 3 columns, with the number of rows reflecting how many timelines you have. For instance, 4 timelines equal to 4 rows. Also, leave some room above for labels later on.

2. Your Hotel Gantt Chart’s Bar Table

To the right of your data table, set up the chart’s other half--the bar table. This is where you measure the timelines of related tasks, schedules, resources, etc in your analysis Gantt-chart.

Take the total number of days for all timelines to complete, using it for dictating how many columns your bar table has. So, if your allotted time is summed up in 13 days, then prepare 13 columns. And, like with your data table, the number of rows is determined by how many timelines there are. Reserve space above this table for its own labels, as well.

3. Input Data and Information into Your Two Tables

With two empty tables ready in your chart, start writing down their contents by naming each column in the data table. From left to right, categorize each column for timeline names, timeline start dates, and expected end dates. For example, the columns can be labeled as Survey Type, Survey Start, and Survey End. Afterward, write down your data under their respective columns.

For your bar table, label the columns with the dates in your allowed timeframe. This means that if you have July 28 until August 13, then each column is named after the corresponding dates within that range. And, if you align your bar table appropriately, then the data table already does the row labels for you.

4. Using Your Hotel Gantt Chart

Now that both tables are complete, your hotel marketing Gantt chart is now ready to do its thing! To use it, color in one empty cell of each row in the bar table, referring to the starting dates in your data table. After a day goes by, color in the next successive day per timeline, stopping when each one is complete. As you continue using the chart, pay attention if the timelines can meet their expected end dates.

After taking in our simple yet handy tips, making any company Gantt chart is much easier now. Finally, if you want 100% customizable content for your hotel work, then don’t forget about our Hotel service Gantt Chart Templates!

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