Hotel Organizational Chart

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How to Make a Hotel Organizational Chart?

A hotel organizational chart is a chart that represents the operations management of a hotel. A hotel may be categorized depending on the services that they offer to their guests and how satisfactory their products and services are. When a hotel is rated a 5-star hotel, then that means the hotel has a high rate making guests want to come back for more. 

You have to know the Organizational structure of a Hotel to make an organizational chart. To do that, check the tips that we have provided below. We focus on how to properly structure an organizational chart that you want not only for a diamond or luxury hotel but also to any small hotel that aims to structure theirs.

1. Know the Organization that You are In

Before making an organization chart, you have to know what type of organization you are in and how many divisions there are. This way, you would know what kind of template are you going to use in making your org chart. Making an org chart is simple if you already know the hotel management's ins and outs. A hotel checklist would be very helpful in identifying the people and staff inside a hotel.

2. Make a Simple Layout

In creating a layout for your org chart, you should already consider researching how many people are there in your company or organization. Knowing the people who are part of your company would be your basis on how you can properly structure it. You should know who your general manager is, how many staff are there in the kitchen and housekeeping department, and who is on the top of them all. You can make a simple outline before putting the information on your actual chore chart.

3. Arrange the Boxes

You already know how your layout would be, based on the research that you have done. You can now start arranging the boxes needed where you would input the information that you have gathered. As much as possible, make a simple chart that is easily understandable and that would adequately illustrate your organization.

4. Input Data

After understanding and researching for information needed in your org chart, you can now start putting the names of those people according to their position and division on your company. Your flow chart should begin with the highest-ranked area in the company then descending to the lower staff.

5. Start Downloading

Once you're done putting the necessary data from the template that you have chosen, you can start downloading it on any device. You can also print out department charts for any division there is in your company and download it with any file format available.