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How to Make HR Emails in Photoshop

The negative impact of poor human resources communications is high. According to a report by David Grossman, companies with 100,000 employees lose an average of $62.4 million per year due to inadequate communication. On the other hand, miscommunication costs businesses with 100 employees an average of $420,000 per year, according to an article by Debra Hamilton. 

With these numbers in mind, you must ensure you create comprehensive HR emails to address sensitive matters in the workplace. To help you out with that, we have some tips in making HR emails in Photoshop below.

1. Use a Formal Letter Format

Whether you're writing an email for recruitment, training announcement, or attendance reminders, you must follow a formal letter format. Maintaining professionalism should be a priority to ensure you present your company and the human resource department in a good light. You can use a full block, semi-full block, or modified block format for your emails.

2. Include a Subject Line

A small detail as it may seem, including a subject line in your email, allows the reader to get the gist of the contents. Moreover, it also allows the email service to separate the email from the spams. The subject line should be brief and direct; typically, it should present the main topic of the email between six to ten words. 

3. Be Concise but Complete

The content of your email should be concise and comprehensive. Although some topics can be complicated, it is best just to summarize the main points and attach references that will break down the subject more thoroughly. Doing this will help the readers get an immediate idea of the topic and achieve higher message retention. 

4. Don't Forget a Call to Action

Writing a call to action in your email encourages a conversation between you, the HR, and the employees. You can close your email with a simple call to action like, "Let me know if you have any questions," or, "Send a direct message for any questions or clarifications."


  • What are the parts of an email message?

      The parts of an email message are as follows:

      1. Subject
      2. Sender
      3. Date and time received
      4. Reply-to
      5. Recipient
      6. Body
      7. Attachments

  • What are the responsibilities of an HR officer?

      The HR officer is responsible for hiring, training, and providing development activities for the employees. The salary of the employees are also prepared and processed by HR. Moreover, the HR officer ensures that the hiring advertisements and job descriptions are accurate before posting. 

  • What topics does HR discuss through email?

      Email is the primary method of communication used by HR. Emails can discuss topics relevant to employment such as interview, internship, job offers, training, salary and contribution discussions, and even resignation.

  • How long should an email be?

      According to Boomerang's data, an email should only be between 50 and 125 words long to achieve a 50% response rate. However, should the topic be challenging to summarize in the said word count, you can always attach the full transcript or documents in your email.

  • What are some of the email etiquette?

      When sending an email, it is best not to assume you're on a first-name basis with your recipient. Always address the email using Mr., Mrs., Ms., with the recipient's last name. Moreover, you must avoid using informal language; in any scenario, one must maintain professionalism when sending an email. Lastly, you should always fill the subject line; otherwise, you set a negative first impression to your recipient.