Hr Policy Google Docs Templates

The Company Must Give Clear Instructions About Attendance, Leave Issuances, and Workplace Ethics. Utilize’s Sample of Employee Handbook Templates to Instruct About HR Policy and Procedures. Potential Employees Can Also Source Out Letter and Resume Templates in PDF and Other Forms From Various and Unique Templates on the Site.See more

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  • Privacy Policy Template

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  • Social Media Policy Template

  • Health and Safety Policy Template

  • Privacy And Employee Monitoring Policy Template

  • Privacy in the Workplace Policy Template

  • General Safety Policy Template

  • Computer Use Policy Template

  • Conflict Of Interest Policy Template

  • Overtime Policy Template

  • Employee Attendance Policy Template

  • Employee Cellphone Policy Template

  • Vehicle Policy Template

  • Harassment Policy Template

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  • Work Hours and Reporting Policy Template

  • Acknowledgment of Application Job Position Filled Template

  • Smoking Policy Template

  • Email Policy Template

  • Rehire Policy Template

  • Policy Analysis Template

  • Grievance Policy Template

  • Whistle blower Protection Policy Template

  • Punctuality Policy Template

  • Employee Bonus Policy Template

  • Post-Employment Information Release Agreement Template

  • Paternity Leave Policy Template

  • Paid-Time-Off Policy Template

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  • HR Policy Flowchart Template

  • Record of Disciplinary Action and Proposed Changes Template

  • Restaurant Food Safety Policy Template

  • Notice to Employees of New Vacation Policy Template

  • Prohibited Activities Template

  • Restaurant Sexual Harassment Policy Template

  • Restaurant General Safety Policy Template

  • Restaurant Employee Meal Policy Template

  • Peer Improvement Form Template

  • Letter Explaining Family and Medical Leave Template

  • Response to Employee Request for Family or Medical Leave Template

  • Compressed Work Week Policy Template

  • Restaurant Management Policy Template

  • Restaurant Progressive Discipline Policy Template

  • Restaurant Maternity/Pregnancy Leave Policy Template

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  • Free Sample Work From Home Policy Template

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  • Free Time Off to Vote Policy Template

  • Company Policy Template

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  • Attendance Policy Template

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  • Computer, Email, Internet Usage Policy Template

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  • Free Professional Generic Work from Home Policy Template

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  • Free Late Stay/Weekend/Holiday Meal Reimbursement Policy Template

  • Maternity/Pregnancy Leave Policy Template

  • Personal Leave Policy Template

  • Flexible Working Policy and Procedure Template

  • Progressive Discipline Policy Template

  • Flexible Workplace Policy and Procedure Template

  • Sick Leave Policy Template

  • Employment At Will Policy Template

  • Work From Home Policy Template

  • Time Off Policy Template

  • Theft Policy Template

  • Accident Policy Template

  • Employee Suggestion Policy Template

  • Return Policy Template

  • Wireless Device Usage Policy Template

  • Telecommuting Policy Template

  • Drug Testing Policy Template

  • Notice to Employees of Unsatisfactory Behavior Template

  • Overtime Authorization Form Template

  • COVID 19 Work From Home Policy Template

  • Outside Work - Strict Policy Template

  • Holiday Vacation Policy Template

  • Employee Health Policy Agreement Template

  • Military Leave Policy Template

  • Rewards and Recognition Policy Template

  • Reference Check Phone Script Template

  • Paid Time Off Policy - PTO Template

  • Restaurant Employee Attendance Policy Template

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  • Employee of the Month Policy Template

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  • Jury Duty Policy Template

  • Remote Work Policy Template

  • Restaurant Employee Sick Leave Policy Template

  • Password Policy Template

  • Restaurant Paternity Leave Policy Template

  • When you make use of any of our HR Policy Templates, you get your hands on a product that helps lay out the guidelines regarding a variety of concerns under the different aspects of the human resource staff. These templates can be used with Google Docs and can be easily shared with Gmail users. These are 100% customizable, easily editable, time-saving, high-quality, professionally made, and are printable. Simply change the highlighted texts these templates come with, and you are ready to have your template printed using A4 or US letter sizes. Download our HR Policy Templates in Google Docs today!

    How to Make HR Policies in Google Docs?

    Human Resource Policies are important to give guidance to everyone in the department on how to address specific considerations and problems in the workplace. These are concern about the management of the rights and responsibilities of the employees.

    Another thing, when making your policies, you need software to start your work, you can use Google Docs because it is accessible and easy to use. Here are some basic ways on how to make HR policies: 

    1. Identify the Objectives

    Before you can start creating your HR policies, you need to first identify and recognize your company's objectives. With regard to the company's objective, you can list the policies that you should be including. This way, your policies are one with your company's goal. You are also guided to easily make policies. 

    2. Observe the Laws of the Country

    When you create HR policies, it is a must to follow the laws in your country about the things and procedures to be followed in the HR department. You can't just make policies that are not approved by your state or else you might get lawsuits from your employees. You need to follow the prescribed wages for your employees' working hours. You need to also follow the compensation your employees should have, and you can contact your state worker's compensation program for you to be guided. Keeping track of these things will avoid your company from any legal issues.

    3. Composing Direct and Clear Policies

    This is something that you should focus on. When you write your policies, don't include unimportant statements. Make sure that you keep your policies written in a simple and clear manner. Never make your policies vague or else it will lead to misunderstandings with your employees. This will make your employees know that you care for their welfare as well. 

    4. Ideas in Making Your Policies

    If you have never made HR policies before, here are some things that you should include: employee compensations and benefits like health, bonuses, commissions, and overtime pays; the labor-management relations, which focus on the communication of the employees and the management to fix problems and express their concerns; the employment practices focus on process that centers in the work environment; and employee training and development, which are very important to have to make your business adapt to the changes in the business world. There are other things to be included aside from these ideas which are also very important to include on your HR policies.

    5. Review Your Policies

    You have to review the policies that you have written. You need to ask honest opinions or feedback from the employees, HR manager, or HR executive. This way, you will know if your policies have a chance to be implemented, have to be improved, your wordings are accurate, or are attainable or not. Accept criticisms positively since the changes that have to be made will make your HR policies right for everyone in the company.