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  • What is the purpose of HR templates?

      HR templates are designed with pre-made contents that their users can edit for customization. This means the user of the template can create documents like certificates and flyers without starting from zero.

  • What are the advantages that ready-made HR templates can offer?

      1. Using ready-made HR templates lets its users create files with ease.
      2. The ready-made templates can be downloaded easily on the user's computer or smartphone.
      3. The users of the ready-made HR templates can save a lot of effort and time.
      4. Using HR templates can lessen the workload and make the job more efficient.
  • Is using PSD files useful for image editing?

      1. PSD files are able to retain high image resolution. This means that the final product's quality is high.
      2. The image's properties can easily be edited if it is saved in PSD file format.
      3. It can store image layer information that you can edit when the PSD file is opened using a different graphic design application.
      4. PSD files can be imported into most graphics design software.
  • What software can you use to create HR templates?

      Depending on your needs, you can use many software applications to create HR templates. You can use graphic design applications, text applications, spreadsheet applications, etc.

  • What can you use to design HR flyers?

      You can design HR flyers using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.