How to Create an Internship Certificate in Adobe InDesign

Based on data gathered by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), about 60% of the 15,715 survey respondents who participated in the study received at least one employment offer from a paid internship. Many individuals take internships as an academic requirement, while others need it as an entry-level to their career. Naturally, if they get the job done correctly, you'll want to translate their efforts through a simple certificate. To do so, be mindful of these tips:

1. Input the Necessary Information

Before you begin with your design, make a checklist of all the information that goes into the certificate. In addition to the recipient's name, consider what qualities are worth recognizing and what other details would make the certification more meaningful.

2. Brand the Certificate

Like any other company certificate issued, remember to establish your brand. You can do so by incorporating your corporate colors into the design while adding your company logo on someplace visible. You can attain all this without overselling your business.

3. Recognize the Proper Authorities

Even if the intern never had the opportunity to meet anyone from the executive management team, it still pays to have them endorse the award certificate. Not only does it add value to the achievement, but it also builds credibility to prove the legitimacy of the internship, especially if the individual chooses to apply for a job elsewhere.

4. Keep the Layout Free of Clutter

A messy layout will only make your certificate difficult to read. Learn to take advantage of white space by using it to draw attention to the text and design elements in your layout. It's one way to maintain professionalism, given that this can also count as an HR certificate from your team.

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