Interns can be a great help in the workplace, and training them ensures that they will be well equipped to work in your field of business. Once they've completed their training, what better way to commemorate them than to present them with a certificate? If you are seeking to create one, then look no further! Take a look at our collection of Ready-Made Internship Certificate Templates in Adobe Photoshop for your use. They are highly editable and pre-formatted to make your task very convenient. So go ahead, download our templates while they are still available!

How To Create an Internship Certificate

To design an internship certificate requires you to be meticulous. You need to make sure everything written in the document is correct; least your intern has no official record to show for. Depending on the job they've done, whether it be for accounting or HR, the certificate content will vary. However, some tips apply to all the different kinds. Continue reading this article if you need guidance in creating one.

1. Plan the Layout

Before you start creating your internship certificate, take some time to think about the overall appearance. Think about its color scheme, the type of font, and even the background design you will use. Start an outline of what you are going to write. Once you have figured out the internship certificate model, you will have an easy time getting this task done.

2. Add Company Letterhead

Adding the company letterhead is crucial in making your internship certificate. That ensures your contact details, company name, and possibly your logo is present. Adding this detail will make people less likely to question the authenticity of the internship certificate.

3. Add Intern's Details

Write down the details of your intern on the certificate. This is crucial as they might use this for any future requirements in professional endeavors. Write down their name, and the school program or organization affiliated with them. For example, if they are finance students who completed an internship at your bank, they have their school's name added to the certificate.

4. Write The Intern's Achievement

When doing the write-up for your internship certificate, think of all the things the intern has done to help during their time. This will help guide you in writing the content. For example, if they've completed around 100 hours worth of work for their internship, then add that as a statement in the certificate.

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