How to Create a Holiday Invitation in Apple Pages

Holidays are the only time of the year, where most of us reunite with our families and friends. It is the time where events such as potluck dinner or holiday parties are being held. However, these events don't only limit to personal purposes; it can also be applied in a corporate or business set-up. Moreover, if you wish to manage a holiday event, whether it is for Thanksgiving party, Christmas gathering, or a simple holiday dinner party, ensure that you gather your specific guests. How? By having a presentable invitation!

We listed a guide on how you can creatively construct your invitation, so feel free to refer below.

1. Open The Apple Pages Program

In your invitation layout process, you can freely choose the editing software that you want to utilize. However, we want you to ensure the best quality of your desired invitation design. That is why we highly recommend you use the Apple Pages application for your invitation formulation. Apple Pages is completely designed to cater to document layout such as letters. However, it can also be used to layout projects like flyers, brochures, and invitation cards. Also, the application can be accessed on any of your Apple devices.

2. Identify The Holiday Motif

Presentation matters. Especially in your desired invitations. Before you formally layout your invitations, determine first the holiday season of the year. Identify if you want to actualize one invitation for Independence Day, Thanksgiving, or Cinco de Mayo Day. Then, list down and carefully outline the visual approach that you want to achieve in your invitation. To help you with that, you can freely browse our available holiday invitations for references.

3. Choose A Standard Size

Upon formulating the invitation card for your use, it is also important for you to identify the invitation size that you can utilize. If you refer to the internet, there are many different sizes for invitations that you can freely choose to have. If you want to make use of our available invitation templates, we offer you a perfect size of 5x7 inches + Bleed. Choose the right invitation size for, this will determine how much design element and content are you going to inject into your design.

4. Write Down The Holiday Invitation Details

As a form of informative material, an invitation must consist of wordings that would notify your specific guests. Include the most basic information about your holiday invitation, such as the event name, the venue, time, and date. You can also include writing the RSVP information. Furthermore, make sure that you observe your writing in a clear, concise, and straight manner. Also, as much as possible, hook your guests by keeping a welcoming tone.

5. Transfer The Content And Design Digitally

Lastly, after determining your content and design, carefully insert them on your chosen editing application. For the design objects and wordings, make sure that you'll follow visual hierarchy upon adding them. To make things easy for this process; again, you can make use of our available holiday invitation templates, that are guaranteed editable and customizable for your use.

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