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How to Make Picnic invitations

A Picnic is simply defined as a meal taken in the outdoors. More often these days, Picnics can also be defined as a social gathering held outdoors. Picnics are usually held on any occasion or without any occasion at all. It includes a variety of outdoor activities and games. Picnics can also be part of a program or an activity.

Planning a Picnic or an Outdoor Party eats up a large amount of time. Not everyone has that luxury. To save time, many would opt to make an announcement by sending out Invitations through email or, mail them as flyers. To make an irresistible invitation quick and easy, we’ve gathered some tips to make your picnic party plans right, the first time.

1. Design Using Industry Standard Design Software

Make Designing your invitations easy by using the latest software. Design using Industry Standard Design Software like Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. Design Softwares from Adobe is widely used by professionals in the design industry. Adobe Design Softwares all have User-Friendly interface that enables you to easily layout texts, edit images and create graphic art and combine them seamlessly. Always use the right tool for the job.

2. Design According To The Theme And Occasion

Themed Picnics are a thing these days. Whether it is a Retro Themed Party, the overall design should match the theme of the event. The Same applies to Special Occasions like a Birthday Party as well. Planning a Barbecue party with your Company? The image of smoldering coal would fit the background. Artwork and Fonts, even, the Layout itself should reflect the feel and vibe to the theme and occasion.

3. The Right Size Matters

The best way to celebrate is to celebrate outdoors, and, the best way to make an announcement is to send your Invitations, in card or flyer form. The most common sizes for such invitations are around 4x6 to 5x7 Inches. These sizes make your flyers and invitations easy to carry, distribute or even mail it if you prefer. Your Picnic Flyer or Invitation should be handy and compact in size. Say, you and your colleagues are organizing a surprise party for your Boss. The size of your invitation would be of benefit when distributing it in a "clandestine" manner.

4. Keep Everything Neat And Organized

Chaos creates confusion. Organize texts and artworks. Arrange them in a way that it optimizes the limited size of the Flyer without compromising the overall layout. Also, place them in a manner that emphasizes the event. Balance Simplicity and Style. A well-organized Invitation Flyer prevents it from becoming an eye-sore to the ones holding it.

5. Always Stay On Course

Avoid beating around the bush. Keep the details on the direction and on point. Provide all the relevant information like dates, venues, name of the celebrant (If it's a special occasion), and most importantly, the occasion or the name of the theme. Avoid adding unnecessary Images, Graphics, and Words. More importantly, the details must match the layout. Avoid Oversteering, keep it tight.

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