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How to Create Travel Invoices in Numbers?

People travel for vacation, for a business, or for an important event. Sometimes people make expenses during the span of his or her trip. So, a travel invoice comes in. This document is a commercial invoice and acts evidence that the client availed services from the travel agency. Now, if you have to make travel invoices, here are some steps that you may follow:

1. Get The Details About The Services

The first thing you need to do is get information about the services that your client availed or purchased from your company or travel agency. For instance, the client availed air transportation, then list it down. When you list it down, include a brief description of the service. Make sure that you get all the list of the services that your travel agency offered to the client. You need to list everything down so that the client will have a list of the travel services that he or she got while traveling. This way, the client will not be confused and question your company about the travel services since you have them your list.

2. Get The Information Of Your Client

You need to know the basic information about your client. You need to get his or her full name, address, contact number, email address, and invoice number. You need information about your client so that you can send the travel invoice to him or her. You will also have to include these details on your document.

3. List Down The Expenses

List the services that you got from the clients. Then, list down the price of these services. You need to make a breakdown of the expenses during travel made by the client. Start by listing the service together with the appropriate amount. Then, after listing all the services, then add everything and highlight the amount the client has to pay. Include the tax payment as well.

4. Choose An Invoice Template

Now, after you have gathered all the details, you can then choose a template. There are a lot of travel invoice templates on this site. There are sales invoice templates, as well. Moreover, select the template that has a format that will correctly lay down all the transactions between your client and your corporate company.

5. Open Numbers

Numbers is an application from Apple Inc., and this is effective for making spreadsheets. You can edit your travel invoice template here. Start incorporating all the information that you have on your template. Include the name of the client and his or her other information that you have. Next, type the services and the transactions that your client made on your agency. Then, include all the other details on it.

6. Send It To Your Client

Before you send the invoice document to your client, you need to review your invoice. Make sure that you have calculated all the expenses correctly. This way you can avoid receiving any complaints from your client about having the invoice wrong. Make sure that every detail and every number is correct.

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