A kitchen is a magical place where mouthwatering dishes and refreshing drinks are made. But it can also turn into a wicked place, full of disease-causing germs when it's not cleaned properly. Keep your house or restaurant kitchen clean at all times and make sure that cleaning tasks are divided equally among your family or staff with our Kitchen Cleaning Schedule Templates in Google Docs. These high-quality templates are also printable in A4 and US letter sizes. Don't wait any longer. Assign a family member or staff to clean your kitchen space each day to stay away from bacterias and germs. Download a template now!

How to Create a Kitchen Cleaning Schedule in Google Docs

Food is prepared and cooked in the kitchen before it gets served on the table. But have you ever wondered if the food you prepare for your family or customers is really clean? According to an article released by the CBS News, foodborne illnesses such as E. coli and salmonella are common in the kitchen. It often lingers in sponges, chopping boards, refrigerator compartments, and more. This tells you how important it is to clean your kitchen regularly. Now, to make sure that your living space or restaurant is always clean, a daily or weekly house cleaning or restaurant cleaning would be necessary. As they always say, "Health is wealth."

Follow the steps below to construct a kitchen cleaning schedule in Google Docs.

1. List Down the Tasks

To come up with a highly functional cleaning schedule, you need to identify the tasks first and make a list out of it. This includes washing the dishes, sanitizing the kitchenware, cleaning the cupboards and refrigerator, wiping the countertops, mopping the kitchen floor, and disposing of the trash. You can always add more tasks as you go along the schedule.

2. Take Note of Your Family Members or Staff

Identify and list down the family members or staff that will be assigned to clean the kitchen, then understand their daily schedule. Are they free during the day? Are they available during nighttime? When is their rest day? Do this to find out which day(s) and what time to assign each individual.

3. Form the Timetable

It's time to form your timetable! So open Google Docs and create a new document. Use tables to create your timetable. Add rows and columns depending on how much space you need. And be sure to provide enough space for each section for you to write on. Dedicate the first column for your labels, which includes the time and date, name, and tasks. Use a bold font style and a legible font size for your labels. Also, add color to your table so it doesn't look dull and boring.

You also have the option to use a ready-made layout template, so you don't have to make your cleaning schedule from scratch. Our website offers Cleaning Schedule Templates. They're editable and customizable, so you can change the text, remove/add rows and columns, and change the color and font as you please. Use a template to create your timetable in less than ten minutes.

4. Proofread and Implement

Are you done with your kitchen cleaning schedule? If so, go over it once again and check each detail to make sure everything is in place before you hit the Save button. Finally, produce printed and digital copies. Post a copy in the kitchen so every time someone walks in, they will be reminded of when their next cleaning schedule would be. Also, give both printed and digital copies to everyone so they can check out the timetable from time to time, to remind themselves of their chore.

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