How To Make A Bottle Label in Apple Pages?

A simple label is a paper with a classifying phrase or statement applied to a particular product. For a bottle, a label is served as a distinguishing-factor for each bottle's identity. It would also be a good marketing strategy as it would represent your brand, so make it compelling and promising. If you need to send your bottled product in the market pedestal, well, here are helpful tips you can use in making advertising-worthy bottle labels.

1. Stick With Simplicity

Even though inserting out of the box ideas would make something appealing, sticking to basic can be the best option for your bottle label. Keep your designs and content simple for maximum enjoyment of the experience. E.g., when your essential oil bottle label is bombarded with designs, your customers would be thrown off. As much as possible, avoid compacting texts that would make your customer squint for details. It would translate into a negative vibe, or worst they would switch to other brands.

2. Use Complementing Colors

Colors are one way to capturing customer's attention towards your product. To make modern labels, it must have complementing colors. For your bottle label, use colors that are closest to your product or brand. Keep it consistent to help your customers easily find what they are looking for. For instance, your drink label colors must match chameleon with its purpose. Your packaging must fit whether it will be for a wedding, a baby shower, and more. It will significantly help your brand to stand out.

3. Keep Your Brand Consistent

Your label will solely advertise your brand—make it consistent. Think about the message you wanted your brand to convey and translate it through your printable label. When you sell modern products such as soap, potion, and such, research the market status. Look for sample labels, point out gaps, and make it as your reference. If you tend to have a brand color and font, continuously use it in your bottle label. It helps you establish your product to convey a trusted image.

4. Provide Your Accurate Contact Information

Do not lose the sale opportunity just because you forgot to include your contact number. Customers might want to give you feedback about your product, so include contact information in your label. It is also an alternative to increase calls to your store, express customers' satisfaction, and a great marketing strategy. You can compile the feedback through worksheets and use it as a reference for the enhancement of your bottle label.

5. Launch Your Apple Pages Application

Apple Pages would greatly help you design and format your bottle label. They offer wide variations of design with advanced and user-friendly tools that even beginners can use. Get the section of your label together, proofread it for further design and content confirmation and start producing it for the growth of your business.

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