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How to Create Termination Letters in Apple Pages

Make the most out of your Apple Pages formal documents by referring to our list of instructions below. Here, we'll teach you how you can create a professional termination letter in Apple Pages.

1. Write a Draft of the Termination Letter

You might be asking, "Why can't I just write the letter directly on Pages instead of writing a draft?" The answer to that is simple and it is because it helps in ensuring that your business letter is well-written and that the details are laid out clearly.  When creating a draft, you can put emphasis on important keywords relating to why the reader has been terminated and what actions have been considered before the termination was decided.

2. Open Apple Pages and Create a New Document

Apple Pages is not your average word processor; it also doubles as a page layout application, which means you can also create multi-page, design-heavy projects with it. But since you'll be creating a termination letter, you don't need to worry about graphics and other complex elements. Simply open Apple Pages and then select New to create a blank document. Afterward, you can set up the layout such as the margin size and fonts.

3. Use a Letterhead

A business letterhead is considered as one of the most important elements in any printed or emailed document, and this is because they use it to physically represent themselves. Most letterheads are created as a template and they are simply added to a document when creating one. If you're writing a termination letter, it would not only be practical but also professional to add your business's letterhead to the document.

4. Start the Letter in a Formal yet Friendly Manner

Just like any other type of business document, your termination letter should maintain a formal yet friendly tone from start to finish, most especially in the beginning part. However, the difficult thing about this is trying to balance friendly with formal without leaning too much on one side. The best and probably the safest thing that you can do here is to begin the letter by saying "Dear" followed by Mr./Ms./Mrs. and your boss's last name.

5. State the Reason for Termination

While still keeping a friendly and formal tone, inform the reader why they have been terminated and do it concisely. If this is related to employment, provide the employee or staff with details that led to their termination such as poor performance, job abandonment, acts of misconduct, or layoffs. Likewise, if you are a landlord and you wish to terminate a tenant's lease, always provide reasons behind this decision.

6. End the Letter by Expressing Gratitude

Despite the negative news that you conveyed to the reader, you should still end the termination letter positively by expressing gratitude to the reader. You can thank them for the services that they were able to render on behalf of the company. After expressing gratitude to the reader, you can also wish them luck on their future endeavors. Avoid saying negative things in the letter unless you want to be remembered negatively as well.

7. Review then Send or Print the Letter

Lastly, go through the content and check if the letter is indeed concise and well-written. Additionally, check if there are any errors related to spelling and/or grammar. After proofreading the termination letter's content, save it in a printable letter format regardless if you're planning to print it yourself. If you're not, then you will need to make sure that the file format you chose is not only printable but also shareable.