Creating resumes is more than just impressing recruiters with your excellent showcase of professional credentials and qualifications—it's also about proving to them that you are passionate and very driven to excel in the job you're applying. Successfully advertise your excellent management and leadership skills fit for the manager post you're applying with the use of our Ready-Made and High-Quality Manager Resume Templates. It contains well-researched contents that are developed by our experts, which you can further improve on Apple Pages and MS Word editing programs. Download these first-rate templates today and successfully land an interview for the post you're applying!

How to Make a Manager Resume in Apple Pages

The US Labor Department reported earlier this year a total of 6.6 million job openings for unemployed individuals, an all-time high that'll affect 50% of US employers. Out of these millions of job openings, managerial positions like marketing manager, HR manager, strategy manager, product manager, and compliance manager tops the list of best jobs to work in the US for the year 2018, according to Glassdoor. With how competitive the hiring process will become for the years to follow, the race to securing a job in managerial positions is expected to get tougher. Follow the given guide below on how you can make a functional resume in Apple Pages within a heartbeat.

1. Take Note of the Essential Details

Start by making a rough draft of the necessary information that you want to present in your resume. These include basic details like personal information, educational background, and skills tailored to the job you're applying. Nowadays, hiring managers are very particular when it comes to choosing the best candidates fit for the job, so make sure that your resume is well-tailored to the position. For instance, if you're applying for a finance or executive manager position, your resume should highlight well the skills required to get the job.

2. Make Use of Templates

You have two options with making a resume: create it from scratch and sacrifice its functionality or make use of ready-made templates that's well-formatted and more functional. If you prefer the latter one, then we have a wide array of manager resume templates that you can use. The advantage of using templates is that they come in different forms like project manager resumes and operations manager resume that's ready-to-use.

3. Personalize It

Make your chosen template more informative by customizing it with your personal information. You are given the option to either keep its contents as it is or modify it to suit your preferences. Follow its format as it is to ensure that there is balance throughout your manager resume. Remember that the efficiency of your resume relies on how you create its content, so you have to tailor it effectively to what the manager job description requires.

4. Present Every Detail Logically

When it comes to creating resumes, providing it with impressive qualifications and credentials are not enough. You also have to ensure that all of them appear logical to potential recruiters. For instance, if you're applying for office manager or assistant manager positions, see to it that your impressive sets of management skills appear logical to amplify your chances even more of being interviewed for the job offer.

5. Be Consistent

One of the common problems when it comes to creating resumes is consistency from start to finish. Creating an appealing resume can come quite easy for some, but the main problem here is how can you engage recruiters into it. To achieve consistency, you have to observe coherence and be strategic in composing your resume. See some of our sample resumes and evaluate how we arrange their details.

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