How to Make a Meeting Invitation in Apple Pages

Meetings help people in an organization by making them feel that they are recognized, belonged, and trusted. If done well, a single business meeting can enhance every relationship in a company. So when inviting people to them, the first step that you need to do is to make a meeting invitation for those that you need to send them to. Here are a few helpful tips for making such an invitation.

1. Stay Clear and Concise

Your audience would likely decline your invitation if it's unclear as to what they're being invited to. Be as straightforward and brief as possible when sharing what, when and where they're invited to. Consider putting an introductory headline to provide a short outline of the type of meeting to be held.

2. Choose a Style

Choosing the right style of your invitation is essential as it will help clarify the type of meeting your invitees are being invited to. So let's say that you're inviting people over to an important company meeting. The style of your invitation's design should come with the company's logo and formal fonts such as Calibri or Cambria. You can look up styles of invitations online if you want an idea of how you should make yours.

3. Pick the Right Color Scheme

When getting creative during the meeting invitation creation process, you need to know what color scheme you should use. Since colors will affect the mood of the reader, you need to use ones that keep their attention. Mostly, the colors that are used for meeting invitations are black, blue, or gray. If you think there are other color combinations that you'd like to try, then you can look up samples of invitations and check whether their colors will fit with the one you're making.

4. Include RSVP

Répondez S'il Vous Plaît (RSVP) is one of the most essential parts of an invitation. It lets your invitees know as to how and when they can respond. For a formal invitation meant for meetings, this is essential as you want to know who's coming and who's not. Make it clear as to who and how they should send their response to by providing a name and contact details.

5. Decide on Distribution Process

You can print out your invitations and send them or you can send the invitations via an online letter or email. Both have their advantages for disadvantages. For printed invitations, they're more personal but will require you to purchase paper material and spend on printing. For email invitations, you can send them for free but there's a higher chance of them being overlooked. Take note that you can choose to do both should you wish.

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