Giving performance certificates to your employees can help you boost their confidence as an employee, which can advance their productivity. We know how busy you are to make one and thus we are offering you our ready-made and elegant Performance Certificate Templates. Use these 100% editable and printable templates to save your time and effort. All for your convenience, our team of professionals has premade various performance certificates templates suitable for varying situations. All of these are available in Adobe PDF that you can download easily. Subscribe now to start downloading now!

What is a Performance Certificate?

Performance certificates are handed over to employees/students or individuals that have made an exemplary effort toward his or her work or any particular social or academic field. Providing a performance certificate is one of the gestures that appreciates the efforts of its and sympathizes with the individual.

How to Make a Performance Certificate?

performance certificate template

According to one article, a digital signage solutions company, 60% of the employees are motivated when valued by their employers. Performance certificates are more than just pieces of paper. If you know the recipient is exerting his utmost effort to accomplish such achievements that would result in the betterment of the company, why not give them a perfect and error-free performance certificate. To make it worth keeping, follow these quick and essential points to print a sleek performance certificate.

1. Add a Logo

For a more credible and valid look, the company sample logos must be indicated at the top of the performance certificate. It does not have to be big, eating all the space up, but just small enough to be visible. If your logo comes with a slogan, you may include it too.

2. Include Valid and Exact Details

A certificate holds a milestone. Make sure all essential text elements are present and spelled correctly. The specific performance certificate designation comes usually at the top, right after the logo, and acts as the headline demonstrating the specific performance accomplishment of the recipient. Also, the name of the recipient must be clear and exact, no matter how long the name is. Dates and venues are a must in a performance certificate. Furthermore, when composing the content of the certificate, include adjectives on the type of performance done; examples would be "outstanding performance," "excellence certificate," etc.

3. The Righteous Graphics

Employ the colors and visuals that are highly correlated with the company and award. It is advisable to use colors that your company brand logo has. You can follow what your logo is using. If it looks too plain, find colors that complement it. You can take back the color wheel for a reference. Font utilization should be taken with extra care. You do not want to make your printable certificate less credible with those wacky fonts and tacky colors.

4. The Award-Giving Body

Explicitly indicating the names of the key people that verified the certificate will complete the whole content of your performance certificate. Put their exact and complete names on it with their roles in the company. These can be stated at the most bottom part of the performance certificate. Also, provide enough space for their signatures above their names. Double-check to have it signed before giving the performance certificate. This gives a heavy validity of the performance certificate.

5. Use HIgh-Quality Paper

There is a "certificate paper" available in the market that is specially designed for printing performance certificates. They are thicker and have a special texture than regular paper. With this, it can add a more special kind of feeling when receiving the performance certificate. You can also insert the custom certificate in a certificate jacket or frame to protect it. Lamination can be considered but not recommended.

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