How to Make a Printable Cookbook?

A printable cookbook or simply a cookbook is a book that has a list of recipes and steps about cooking and preparing food. According to a study, approximately 17.8 million cookbooks were sold in the United States last year. With that number, we can imply that people still very fond and some need guidance for preparing dishes. There can be numerous recipes out there like a simple recipe, restaurant recipe, and basic recipe which need cookbooks to make them. Some people enjoy cooking as a hobby or as a profession, making their cookbooks can be very gratifying for these people. If you are one of them, here are some steps to guide with starting your simple cookbook:

1. Decide on the Main Focus of the Cookbook

Before you start, make sure that you already have a plan what the focus of your cookbook will be. You can make a classroom cookbook, a homemade cookbook, a baking cookbook, a healthy cookbook, a family cookbook, or an appetizer cookbook. Having something to focus on will make your work easier. You will already quickly know the primary goal of your book.

2. Outline of the Contents

The next thing you will have to do is to outline your book. This process is an important thing to guide you on how to arrange your recipes. Also, when you have an outline, you can easily focus on the same recipes because you will put similar methods in the same section. Having this way will help you work more efficiently and with less hassle.

3. Collect Recipes

After making outlines, you can now start collecting your recipes. If you have a lot of recipes, you can try choosing which recipes you are most comfortable putting and the recipes that you like very much. Exclude recipes that you have a hard time making. Don't forget to include the recipes that you have cooked and made for some people that they found delicious. Make sure that your cookbook is very original.

4. Make Recipes

Now that you have made a collection of the recipes you may want to include, you can start evaluating these food recipes. Make a list of the recipes that are most likely to be part of your book. When making a recipe, there is usually a format to follow. It starts with the title or the name of the recipe, next is an introduction of the recipe, or the special precautions, next in line are the materials to be used, followed by the ingredients with proper measurements, followed by instructions. Next are the steps on how to make and cook the recipe and the estimation of time when the preparations may finish, and lastly, the serving suggestions.

5. Images of Your Food

Images are critical since it will help your audience see the actual dish before they can prepare it. Take good photos of your finished dish. Make sure that you don't put too much serving on your plate. You need to leave some space to balance symmetry in your presentation. You don't have to put some props like spoons or forks. But, all you need to remember is to delight your presentation with harmony.

6. Credits

If ever you have included a recipe from other people, however, you have made some changes, make sure that you put some credits to the owner of the recipe. We don't want people to report you for copyright issues.

7. Cover

Your book has to have a cover. Make sure that your recipe book cover has a design that reflects the content. Make your layout attractive to your audience. You can decide whatever kind of designs you want your cover will have. But, you have to make sure that your cover is pleasant to the audience. Sometimes, audiences will judge based on the cover. After making your sample cookbook, you need to go back to your work and review it. If you want to make everything without error, you can proofread it word by word.

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