Project Analysis Templates

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How to Write a Project Analysis

There are multiple factors in running a project, which is why an analysis paper is necessary when reporting on one. By putting together a proper analysis document, you can thoroughly outline various aspects of a subject (as the University of Arizona explains in a web article). From independent research to market development, analysis documents are good for all kinds of projects.

Are you new to writing an analysis? If so, consider reading our tips below.

1. Put Together Notes for Your Findings

In your project analysis paper, it’s crucial that the information is detailed and reliable. Before writing down any content in your document, conduct in-depth research along with confirming your findings. Be sure to take down notes to use as a reference when needed.

2. Incorporate Visual Aids in Your Analysis Document

When presenting certain kinds of data, you need specific methods of doing so. This is where charts, graphs, and other structured visuals come into play. For instance, use a pie chart to show a project’s financial distribution.

3. Use Smart Text Formatting in Your Analysis Paper

As you draft the written content in your project analysis paper, there’s a variety of formatting options you can apply for readability. One example involves using a bulleted or numbered list for writing down a series of steps. Another instance is using headers and subheaders to segregate different sections of your analysis.

4. Give Your Project Analysis a Cover Page

For your analysis document’s presentation, prepare a simple professional-looking cover page. In the middle or upper section of the page, enter a simple title written in large bold text—such as “Team Business Project Analysis.” Underneath your title, enter the writer’s name, the writer’s contact details, and the analysis date. Finally, insert a simple graphic design as your background.

So, did you read all of our tips? Remember to use our Project Analysis Templates for a quick and efficient writing process!


  • What are the main elements of a business project?

      The following are key factors for a successful project:

      1. Clear goals and objectives
      2. Professional project manager
      3. Dedicated Sponsor
      4. Involved Stakeholders
      5. Committed project team
  • What are some examples of business projects?

      Here are several examples:

      1. Construction projects
      2. Managements projects
      3. Research projects
  • How many analysis samples can I download from

      You can download over 400 analysis samples from

  • What types of project analysis samples can I find at

      Some examples include:

      1. Construction Project Cost Analysis
      2. Project Management Market Analysis
      3. Project SWOT Analysis
  • Which applications are compatible with’s project analysis samples?

      The following are compatible:

      1. Apple Numbers
      2. Apple Pages
      3. Google Docs
      4. Google Sheets
      5. Microsoft Excel
      6. Microsoft Word