Final completion is always an overwhelming relief for the whole team. There is a certificate of work completion must be given to contractors. We help you with our downloadable Project Completion Certificate Templates. With a premade template, showing appreciation to a satisfactory service done is more convenient! 

How To Make a Project Completion Certificate

Draft your corporate certificate with the steps below!

1. Plan the Content

Since a compliance certificate must have correct content, it is necessary to plan the layout and information. If you are using a web application (e.g., Google Docs or Apple Pages), ensure to fit the layout within one page.

2. Specify the Information

Next, outline the basic information, including the company name, company website, and title of the certificate. If you are creating a construction certificate, it needs a short yet informative description and managers’ information in the center of the document.

3. Keep It Professional-looking

Keep your certificate readable and organized by using easy to read text style. In your document, place the logo at the top and finish it up with borders that match your brand colors.

4. Avoid Mistakes

Lastly, review the content and strictly keep the content short that fits in a one-page document.

General FAQs

  • Who is responsible for providing the completion certificate?

  • How is a completion form defined?

  • Why is a completion certificate important?

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  • How long does a completion certificate take to finish?

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