Like a domino effect, mismanaging a part of a project might end up to business failure. Here comes the need for a comprehensive project management plan which aims to help you manage the entirety of the project. Since this plan needs a thorough presentation of information, you have to spend time making it. To help you save your time, provided herein are easily editable project management plan templates that you can avail and use in your coming presentation. These templates are professionally written and are available in Google Docs, MS Word, and Apple Pages file format and are printable in US and A4 file sizes. 

What Is a Project Management Plan?

A project management plan is a formal and authorized Legal document defining the execution, monitorial, and control of the project. It might include baseline, subsidiary management plans, and other planning details essential in project management. This is utilized to identify the approach a team has to deal with in the project management. This is not just a one-way write-up, this is also a progressive elaboration of details for future development, refinement, and revision. Respective project management plans can be a construction plan, development plan, or a software plan.

How to Create a Comprehensive Project Management Plan

project management plan template

Poor resource planning management and communication plans are one of the causes of why project management fails. Therefore, it is a must for you to create a comprehensive and organized project management plan. You have to make sure that key components or the important factors of the plan are highlighted in a way that details are properly and completely stated.

The components of a project management plan include baseline or performance measures and baseline management plans or simply how the handling of baselines works. Apart from the templates presented above, here are the steps that you can refer to if you are tasked to do such a plan.

1. Compose your Scope Statement

You have to determine the scopes or boundaries of your project to avoid project distress. You cannot ensure the involvement of all details or the efforts that your project requires. However, you still have to define its boundaries to make sure that your project will be successful not just in its present state but also over the long term.

The scope statement is the basis of the project plans entirety. This describes the outcome and should include the business' needs and problems, the project's objectives, benefits, inclusion and exclusion of deliverables, approach and milestone. This should also be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

2. Subdivide the Tasks

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS): the logical subdivision of the project into various tasks. To give attention to all the components of your project, manage your project through task by task basis. You can have it simply a list of tasks. This is an essential way to obtain effective project management.

3.Determine Deadline Dates

A plan will never be possible without deadlines. Projects have a beginning and end so to cope up with it, you have to develop a work schedule to set your deadline dates. This a way for you and your team to be determined in meeting deadlines and schedules and completing a project as planned.

4. Ensure Budget

You cannot create a plan nor pursue management without a budget. Money is the fuel of any business. Therefore, you have to wisely allocate your budget from the very initial phases. If you want to successfully execute or run a project, then determine the necessary amount of money for each component. Remember that all project procedures are interwoven from the project budget. Lack of proper financial oversight might result in the failure of the plan.

5. Create a Procurement Plan

Creating a development plan for your managing your project is essential to best identify the right suppliers of products for your project. This will guide you in the implementation of the purchasing objectives. This saves your time and ensures compliance with regulatory policies.

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